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Volume 7

The two known continents are Daztrudia and Kasanagara. The ocean between the continents can be crossed by going through the Great Elroe Labyrinth, or by using teleport points. The sea is infested with water dragons.

Great Elroe Labyrinth

The Great Elroe Labyrinth is the largest and the most dangerous dungeon in the world. It is the only way to get from Kasanagara to Daztrudia and vice-versa, as the ocean is filled with powerful Water Dragon making sea travels or flight above sea incredibly dangerous.

Royalty, nobles, and other important figures can avoid travelling through the labyrinth can use teleporting points between the two continent, but the Labyrinth is the only viable path for the rest of populace. One only needs to pass through the Upper Stratum, full of poisonous monsters, to reach the other side. Use of a Labyrinth Guide is highly recommended.

  • Upper Stratum
  • Middle Stratum
  • Lower Stratum
  • Bottom Stratum


The largest continent in the world. The continent is not only home to humans, but also numerous humanoid beings like demons, goblins and elves.

Renxandt Empire

The Renxandt Empire is the largest country on the landmass. It's situated right on the edge of demon territory and often experience conflicts and an uneasy period of peace with the demons. The current ruler of the empire also holds as the title as the Sword King.

  • Kusorion Fortress
  • Okun Fortress
  • Dazarro Fortress


Located on the southmost tip of the continent. Sariella is the second-largest country on the landmass, the citizen of the country mainly follow the Goddess Religion, which sees the Divine Beast as the messenger of the Goddess. Due to their religion, Sariella often has strained ties with Ohts and the Renxandt Empire.


Ohts is a small wealthy kingdom located at the western end of the peninsula. Its economy solely depends on the continuous trade between the labyrinth and the collection of labyrinth tolls coming from the Great Elroe Labyrinth. It heavily relies on the empire for protection and military support.

  • Entrance to Great Elroe Labyrinth
  • Ohts Labyrinth Fortress

Demon Realm

Located on the northern end of the continent, lies the Demon Realm, at first glance there is no drastic landscape or architecture changes, so some travellers might be confused whether they're still in the human-controlled region. The Demon Realm run by as a feudalistic system, with the ruler on top of it is known as the Demon Lord.

  • Phthalo's Mansion
  • Demon Lord Castle
  • Demon Academy

Great Garam Forest

Surrounded by a series of small countries, the Great Garam Forest is characterised as a large forest filled with gigantic trees. It is known to be inhabited by numerous monsters, home to the elves and one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, a Queen Taratect.

Mystic Mountains

The Mystic Mountains is the mountain range located in Kasanagara, bordering between the Demon Realm and the Renxandt Empire. At higher altitude, it starts to snow, at this range there lies an abandoned village settlement, is it unknown which races were the original settlers, humans or demons, and the reason for abandonment. The only notable living creature here is an Ice Dragon.

  • Abandoned settlement

Northern Wastelands

Located beyond the Northern borders of Sariella, lays the Northern Wasteland. The area is described as barren as no plant life is able to grow here. It is noted there is a large population of dragons and wyrms living around the area.

  • Ancient underground ruins

Valley of Convenience

The Valley of Convenience is a peninsula located behind the Mystic Mountains of Kasanagara. Protected from the sea by Water Dragons and from land by Ice Dragon Nia, her kin, and the other dangers of the mountains, it is secluded and uncharted territory. This land has one purpose: protect people who's souls have grown too weary due to constant resurrection. Güliedistodiez directly manages this place.[1]


The continent of Daztrudia is only made up of human countries.

Kingdom of Analeit

The Kingdom of Analeit is a sovereign country that is governed by a monarchy. Its Royal Academy boasts the largest school infrastructure on the planet, attracting not only affluent commoners, talented individuals but also foreign dignitaries from the other continent.

  • Analeit Castle
  • Analeit Royal Academy

Holy Kingdom of Alleius

Neighboring the Kingdom of Analiet, is the Holy Kingdom of Alleius, a theocracy lead by the Pope, the headquarter of the largest human religion in the world, Word of God Religion, is located here.

  • Word of God Religion Headquaters


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