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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Volume 8 was released on March 10, 2018 in Japan and March 31, 2020 in English. In this volume, Shiraori and co. continue their journey to the Demon Realm, but get stuck in a town of the Renxandt Empire south of the Mystic Mountains when an ogre that is causing havoc forces the Renxandt military to intervene.

Japanese ISBN ISBN 9784040724836
English ISBN ISBN 9781975398996


Deification is one hell of a nerf...

So I'm a god, so what? I'm weaker than ever! I have no stats, no skills, and no physical stamina! In fact, the only thing I got out of this upgrade was...legs. But since I never have the energy to walk, the others have no choice but to haul me around like a piece of luggage. Can't we just get to the demon realm already?! We're so close! One final leap over the Mystic Mountains, and- Wait, what? There's a rampaging ogre killing everyone in sight? Greaaat. Of course there's a surprise boss battle right before the checkpoint. Work your OP magic, Demon Lord! ...Hey, wait a minute. I recognize that ogre! Source: Yen Press


The Ogre's Wail
1. I'm Weak
O1. The Ogre's Origin
2. I'm a Shut-in
Interlude. A Certain Adventurer's Ogre Hunt
O2. The Ogre's Magic Swords
R1. The Old Man in Mourning
3. I'm Stuffed
V1. A Chance Encounter with a Nemesis
R2. The Old Man Fights an Ogre
O3. The Ogre Pursued
Interlude. The Pontiff and the Shadow Agents
Interlude. A Certain Adventurer's Next Steps
4. I'm Hitting the Road
Interlude. Teacher
O4. The Ogre Worn Down
5. I'm Mountain Climbing
O5. The Ogre and the Ice Dragon
6. I'm Lost
Interlude. The Notes of Buirimus the Summoner
Interlude. The Demon Lord and the Ice Dragon
7. I'm in a Bind
V2. A New Nemesis
The Ogre's Roar

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