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A girl can escape the labyrinth but not her mother!
I've finally gotten out of the Great Elroe Labyrinth! Now there's nothing left between me and the surface's all-I-can-eat buffet of fruits, sweets, and water wyrms! The only things that may be problematic are the humans already living here...and Mother, who won't stop following me! Right when I thought I had managed to move out, the absolutely massive spider that is stronger than any dragon just invites herself over without so much as a warning, leaving nothing but craters and rubble wherever she goes! If all my spells, traps, and the dungeon itself can't stop Mother, what can...?

— Official synopsis

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Volume 4 was released on October 8, 2016 in Japan and its English translation was released on November 27, 2018.

Japanese ISBN ISBN 9784040709420
English ISBN ISBN 9780316442916


1) Clear Blue Sky

Characters: Kumoko

S1) To the Great Elroe Labyrinth

Interlude) The demon lord's aide sighs at the meeting again

2) Spirit battle vs mother

Characters: Kumoko

S2) Entering the Great Elroe Labyrinth

3) Mother Attack

Characters: Kumoko

S3) Navigating the Great Elroe Labyrinth

4) A Brush with Death

Characters: Kumoko

S4) The Terror of the Great Elroe Labyrinth

5) Evolution

Characters: Kumoko • D

S5) Escape from the Great Elroe Labyrinth

6) Guerilla Warfare

Characters: Kumoko

S6) The Dark Secrets of the Other World

Interlude) God's Hunting Dog

Characters: Felmina  •  Sophia

7) Demon Lord Attack

Characters: Kumoko • Ariel

S7) Reincarnations

8) Returning Monster of the Week Always Gets Killed Right Away

Characters: Kumoko

S8) The Elf Village

9) Water Spider

Characters: Kumoko

S9) The Reincarnations in the Elf Village

10) Playing with Dolls

Characters: Kumoko

S10) The Reincarnation Gathers

Interlude) The Administrators' Reincarnation Allies

Characters: Wrath  •  Sophia

11) Matricide

Characters: Kumoko

Interlude) Demon Lord

Characters: Ariel  •  Shiro

Interlude) Chief of the Elves

Characters: Potimas  •  Gloria

Final Chapter) First Encounter

Characters: Kumoko  •  Sophia • Merazophis • Seras Keren


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There is a special web chapter for questionnaire respondent in Japanese. The special SS chapter is titled "Autumn-leaf Viewing" (紅葉狩り), the special chapter is later adapted into the eight episode of the anime.

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