Worst. Reincarnation. Ever.
It all started during my Classical Japanese class. I was nodding of, as usual -- and then the room suddenly exploded! I thought I was a goner, but nope! I've been reborn -- in another world! Man, am I a lucky girl or what?

Wait, where did all these spiders come from?

...And why do I have eight legs?!

— Official synopsis

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Volume 1 was released on December 10, 2015 in Japan and its English release was on November 21, 2017. It retells the story from the first chapter of the Web novel up to its 62nd chapter, it also contains the side stories including the Schlain focused ones up to its 12th chapter.

The Light Novel also included slight differences from the Web novel, the most notable is the introduction of Feirune

Japanese ISBN ISBN 9784040708294
English ISBN ISBN 9780316412896


1) Starting With a Bang

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Small Lesser TaratectQueen Taratect • Unknown Taratect Species

S1) The End of Normal Life

Characters: Shun  •  Kyouya  •  Kanata  •  Hasebe  •  Shinohara  •  Kengo  •  Oka  •  Rihoko

2) A Rent Free Home

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Elroe Frog

S2) Reincarnation

Characters: Schlain  •  Sue  •  Anna  •  Meiges  •  Karnatia  •  Duke Anabald

3) The Egg

Characters: FeiKumokoAdventurer

Monsters: Elroe Frog

4) Leaving the Nest

Characters: KumokoAdventurers

Monsters: Elroe FrogElroe PeckatotFinjicoteElroe Basilisk

S3) The Hatchling

Characters: Schlain  •  Sue  •  Anna  •  Fei

5) My First Monster Battle

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Elroe FrogElroe Basilisk

S4) Skills

Characters: Katia  •  Shun  •  Fei

6) Bonus Stage?

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Elroe Ferect

S5) Second Classmate

Characters: Shun  •  Fei

7) I'm Evolving!

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Elroe BaladoradoElroe Randanel

Interlude) An Adventurer's Soliloquy

Characters: Adventurers

8) The Fall

Characters: AdventurersKumokoAraba

Monsters: FinjicoteElroe BaladoradoElroe RandanelElroe Greym

Interlude) An Adventurer's Withdrawal

Characters: Adventurers

9) Spider vs Bee

Characters: KumokoAraba

Monsters: FinjicoteHigh Finjicote

S6) Training

Characters: Katia  •  Shun  •  Fei

10) Clearing the Lower Stratum

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: Elroe GreshigardGreater TaratectElroe Gastruch

S7) Second Prince

Characters: Shun  •  Sue  •  Klevea  •  Julius

interlude) The Hero and the King

Characters: Julius  •  Meiges  •  Cylis

11) Still Clearing the Lower Stratum

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: AnogratchElroe KohokoroBagragratchElroe Daznatch

S8) The Elf Maiden

Characters: Shun  •  Katia  •  Fei  •  Potimas  •  Oka

12) Battling Three Hundred Feet Up

Characters: Kumoko

Monsters: AnogratchBagragratch

13) The End

Characters: JuliusGoyef


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