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Light Dragon Byaku is the guardian of the Hero Sword.[1]


Byaku looks similar to an eastern dragon, having a long serpant-like body with short arms and legs. As a light dragon, it has a furry white coat and small feathery wings. It also has long ears similar to Feirune. Its most noticable feature, though, is its size, being barely taller than the Hero Sword.


Byaku's first and only interest appears to be its duty as the guardian of the Hero Sword. He allows whomever is the current holder of the Hero title to take the sword if they so please, as that is the weapon's purpose, under the condition that he reside inside it to continue to watch over it. Also, during his short stay with Julius, he grew to care about the boy enough to advise using the Hero Sword when he fought a Queen Taratect.


Volume 11

Byaku made its debut when Julius and Leston found the secret room in Analeit Castle after being tipped-off about it by Potimas. The dragon then told them about the Hero Sword and that, as the current holder of the Hero title, Julius was free to take it. It than transfered itself into it to continue to watch over it and the Hero during his travels.

During The Great Human-Demon War, when Julius faced a Queen Taratect, Byaku spoke to him from inside the sword and adviced him to use it. However, the Hero turned down the idea, as he intended to instead use it against the Demon King.

Powers & Abilities

Byaku is stated to specialize in support and recovery magic.[2]



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