Kunihiko is an adventurer and Asaka's childhood best friend, both before and after reincarnating.



Kunihiko is rash and some time has a tendency to act without thinking too much. Due to living as an adventurer he also has a very mature point of view.


In his past life, apart from maintaining his delicate but inseparable relationship with his childhood friend, he was a completely normal high school boy.

Born along Asaka in a village on the border between the humans and demons. They took bandit-like actions against the Demon Army. Being stuck with that inseparable relationship with his childhood friend even after reincarnating felt like some kind of fate. Eventually, their home was destroyed by Merazophis when they became too much of a bother, but due to their reincarnation status, Asaka and Kunihiko were spared. Shortly after leaving the now destroyed village Kunihiko met Gouto, since he saw Gouto's katana, and ask to become Gouto's apprentice.

In order to defeat Merazophis, the leader of the demons that destroyed that village, he became an adventurer and gained fame. While he accomplished his heart’s desire of fighting against Merazophis in the Human-Demon Great War, he was unable to overturn the overwhelming difference in strength, and withdrew. He keenly felt his own lack of ability. Afterwards he went to the Elf Village, and got dragged into the war between the elves and the Demon Lord Army and ended up face to face with Merazophis once again.[1] Eventually, this led to a fight with Sophia, but was cut short by Wrath instantly incapacitating the two of them.[2]


Adventurer: Contains various abilities of great use for adventuring. Clean (Used to maintain cleanliness), Item Box (Used to carry objects in a subspace), Status Open (Used to view own status), and many more. The abilities are lesser versions of existing skills such as Appraisal/Space Magic.[3]


Lightning imbued katana


Light Novel



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