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Exterior shot of the Royal Analeit Castle

The royal appraisal ceremony

Analeit Royal Academy

The Kingdom of Analeit is a monarchy ruled by King Meiges and the Analeit family. It shares borders with the Holy Kingdom of Alleius and is situated on the opposite side of the Great Elroe Labyrinth from the Renxandt Empire.

General Information

The Kingdom of Analeit is a prosperous country ruled by a system of monarchs and nobles. While it has enjoyed a prosperous era of peace in recent years, King Analeit rules over it with a steady and fair, but firm, hand. He has always put his people and his country before himself, and it shows.


The Kingdom of Analeit, more specifically the Analeit Royal Academy, is where Schlain and Karnatia first meet with their fellow classmates from Japan.

Notable Residents


  • Year 829: Sirius is enthroned.
  • Year 832: Cylis is born to the queen.
  • Year 833: Leiresia is born to the first concubine.
  • Year 834: Julius is born to the third concubine.
  • Year 837: Leston is born to the second concubine.
  • Year 840: Julius becomes the Hero as Darresmeig dies.
  • Year 841: Schlain is born to the third concubine.
  • Year 841: Suelecia is born to the queen.
  • Year 841: Karnatia is born in the Anabald ducal house.
  • Year 841: The third concubine dies.
  • Year 844: Leiresia becomes betrothed to the first prince of the Teresent Kingdom.
  • Year 847: Schlain, Suelecia and Karnatia undergo the appraisal ceremony.
  • Year 848: Feirune hatches.
  • Year 850: Elven ambassadors Potimas and Filimøs visit.
  • Year 851: Schlain, Suelecia, Karnatia and Filimøs enter the royal academy.
  • Year 851: The royal academy is attacked by an earth wyrm.
  • Year 856: Julius dies in the Great Human-Demon War.
  • Year 856: A coup occurs, killing Sirius.
  • Year 856: Schlain and Leston escape.
  • Year 856: Suelecia becomes bethrothed to Hugo, prince of the Renxandt Empire.

TIMELINE Kingdom History

  • Year 798: Ronandt becomes the youngest head court mage of the Renxandt Empire in history.
  • Year 801: Meicis the hero is killed in battle at Fort Kusorion. Darresmeig is appointed as the new hero.
  • Year 803: Darresmeig the hero defeats Demon Lord Atomos.
  • Year 804: Darresmeig the hero disappears.
  • Year 807: Sword-King Leigar abdicates the throne of the Renxandt Empire and disappears. Largis becomes the new sword-king. Ronandt becomes his adviser.
  • Year 829: Sirius becomes king of Analeit Kingdom.
  • Year 832: The first prince of Analeit Kingdom, Cylis, is born to the true queen.
  • Year 833: The first princess of Analeit Kingdom, Leiresia, is born to the king’s first concubine.
  • Year 834: The second prince of Analeit Kingdom, Julius, is born to the king’s third concubine.
  • Year 837: The third prince of Analeit Kingdom, Leston, is born to the king’s second concubine.
  • Year 840: The second prince, Julius, becomes the hero. The previous hero, Darresmeig, is thus assumed dead. An unusual young taratect individual is sighted in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. A wyrm egg and spider thread are collected from its nest and presented to the royal family. Increase in demon activity.
  • Year 841: The fourth prince of Analeit Kingdom, Schlain, is born to the king’s third concubine. The second princess of Analeit Kingdom, Suresia, is born to the true queen. The first child of Duke Anabald, Karnatia, is born. The first prince of the Renxandt Empire, Hugo, is born. The king’s third concubine passes away. The empire army, led by Ronandt, encounters the “Nightmare of the Labyrinth” in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. The Nightmare of the Labyrinth and a queen taratect emerge from the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Ronandt temporarily disappears.
  • Year 842: The Nightmare of the Labyrinth appears in Sariella. The Sariella and Ohts regions go to war. The empire and the Followers of the Word of God support Ohts. Julius the hero battles the Nightmare of the Labyrinth and escapes with his life thanks to Ronandt’s rescue. Julius the hero temporarily becomes Ronandt’s pupil. Kidnapping and slave trading occur successively in various locations.
  • Year 843: The Nightmare’s Vestiges are identified in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Julius sustains near-fatal wounds during Ronandt’s training.
  • Year 844: The first princess, Leiresia, marries the first prince of the Teresent Kingdom and studies abroad there. Yaana is tentatively appointed saint.
  • Year 845: The Sword Demon appears in the empire. Ronandt successfully drives the Sword Demon away. The anti-human-trafficking force is formed by the Word of God Church. Yaana officially becomes the saint. Hyrince becomes Julius’s attendant.
  • Year 846: The Word of God religion force exposes a large-scale human trafficking organization. As a result of this incident, Julius the hero adds Jeskan and Hawkin to his party.
  • Year 847: Schlain, Suresia, and Karnatia undergo the Appraisal ceremony. Tiva perishes. The force is disbanded.
  • Year 848: Feirune hatches from the earth wyrm egg. Julius, Hyrince, Yaana, Jeskan, and Hawkin defeat monsters and criminals in various lands
  • Year 849: Julius attends the migration of the phoenix.
  • Year 850: Potimas, the chief of the elves, visits the kingdom as a friendship ambassador. Potimas’s daughter Filimøs studies abroad in the kingdom. Julius the hero is caught in a demon trap and attacked but manages to escape.
  • Year 851: Schlain, Suresia, Karnatia, and Filimøs enter the royal academy. The empire prince Hugo and the future saint Yuri make contact with them. Julius the hero defeats one Nightmare’s Vestige in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Prince Hugo attempts to assassinate Schlain. An earth wyrm attacks the royal academy. Julius defeats the earth specter.
  • Year 852: Julius defeats a greater fire wyrm.
  • Year 853: Julius resolves an excessive monster outbreak in Oigi Dungeon.
  • Year 854: Julius wipes out a swarm of mutated Potoloa infesting the Western Great Kakura Forest.
  • Year 855: Julius acquires the Sword of the Hero in a hidden room in Analeit Castle.
  • Year 856: The great human-demon war begins. Julius the hero is killed in battle. A coup d’état occurs in the Analeit Kingdom. King Sirius passes away. The fourth prince, Schlain, flees with fellow collaborator the third prince, Leston. The Word of God announces Prince Hugo of the Renxandt Empire as the new hero. At the same time, the second princess, Suelecia, is announced as Hugo’s fiancée. The empire declares war on the elves for participating in the kingdom’s coup d’état and begins raising an army. The empire army and the Demon Lord’s army invade the elf village.


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