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Karnatia "Katia" Seri Anabald, formerly Ooshima Kanata (大島叶多), is one of the reincarnated students from Japan. She was reborn as the daughter of Duke Anabald. A man in her previous life, she tries her best to cope with the changes her new gender brings.


Past life

Before reincarnation, Kanata looked like an average high-school boy with dark hair. He was a bit on the tall and gangly side, but fit in well enough with his friends Shun and Kyouya.

Katia has ruby red hair that reaches the middle of her back and red eyes. She is noted to be a peerless beauty among noble society in Analeit. Due to her status as a duke's daughter, her clothes match her political status and are often tasteful and complicated. At the royal academy, she wears the same uniform as everyone else.


Normally, Katia acts as expected from a lady of high society, with a graceful and feminine way to speaking. When she finds Schlain, her best friend from her life on Earth, she talks with male mannerisms when around him. Later, when they discover that Schlain's pet dragon, Feirune, is also a reincarnation, she continues to behave in a masculine way in front of her.

Throughout her new life, though, Katia wrestled with her old memories as she grew up as a girl. She suffered from gender dysphoria due to the memories of her previous life until her mind fell under the control of Hugo's Ruler Skill, Lust. While under the control of the Skill she was able to observe herself fighting her best friend, deciding that the body under control of the spell was her old self, Ooshima Kanata. When her body died and was resurrected by Schlain's Ruler Skill, Mercy, she declared that Ooshima Kanata was dead and accepted that she had been a girl for many years, allowing her to come to terms with the emotions and splintered feeling that she had been wrestling with for years.[1]

As seen during their travel to the Elf Village and the downfall of the Kingdom of Analeit, Karnatia is one of the Reincarnates that has now properly adapted to her new life. This is seen where she has more or less learned the needed skills of political intrigue expected of the daughter of a Duke and a Noblewoman. Karnatia has shown to be able to easily understand and analyze the social and political issues regarding Kingdom and inform and look after her friend, Schlain regarding them due to his naivete and denseness preventing him from understanding their complicated situation as a prince and noblewoman respectively.

Due to her experience navigating politics, Katia is shown to have developed a very analytical mindset when dealing with others. This is seen where she was able to easily guess the methods employed by Filimøs to gather the reincarnates and "protect" them. Katia herself was shown to have also developed a strong intuition as well, having been able to tell that the Elves and Potimas weren't as trust worthy as her allies think after carefully analyzing Potimas and his subordinates actions and behavior after arriving in the Elf Village.



In her previous life, Katia was a high school boy named Ooshimana Kanata. He was friends with Yamada Shunsuke and Sasajima Kyouya and the trio would often play online games together. However, Kanata was privately troubled by something: he had no interest in the opposite gender. Fearing he would otherwise become an outcast, he hatched a plan to falsely confess to a girl and get rejected to gain the boys' symphathy. To ensure that he would get rejected, he decided his false confession to Wakaba Hiiro, the "queen of the class". In the end, everything went as Kanata planned and he was rejected. However, unbeknownst to him, Wakaba was, in fact, fully aware of his true intentions for confessing to her.

One day, during physics class, a mysterious explosion occurred and killed Kanata alongside his entire class. Afterward, Kanata found himself reincarnated in the body of a noble girl: Karnatia Seli Anabald, or Katia, the daughter of a powerful duke in the Kingdom of Analeit. While initially struggling with her new gender, she ultimately come to terms with it. Due to her new status, Katia was educated in noble edicate and underwent an "appraisal ceremony" when she came of age. Here it was discovered that she was born with a unique skill and a vast amount of skill points, causing the other nobles to refer to her as a "genius".

Volume 1

A little while after her own "appraisal ceremony", Katia attended the double ceremony of Fourth Prince Schlain Zagan Analeit and Second Princess Suelecia Analeit. During the ceremony, he noticed that, like herself, the prince had a unique skill and in-born skill points, causing her to deduce that he was a reincarnation as well. At the celebration after the ceremony, Katia and her father approached the prince and king to congratulate them and she used this oppertunity to reveal her identity by talking to the prince in a Japanese accent, causing him to take them to a private location where they revealed their identities. To Katia's shock, the prince turned out to her old friend Shunsuke, or Schlain, and he was similarly surprise upon learning of her identity. Their reunion was interupted, however, when Shun's younger sister, the princess, forcefully broke down the door and jealously seperated them.[2]

After meeting her old friend, she begins to hang out with him and Sue quite often, much to the little sister's annoyance. Sue tends to think of Katia as competition for her brother's affection, but Katia tends to ignore her most of the time, though Katia does get a nagging feeling in the back of her head about how Sue tends to hang on Shun so often. Besides this, they attend the royal academy in Analeit and go through a few interesting adventures together, such as when the Earth Dragon attacks them during their first outing to hunt monsters and increase their levels.

Volume 3

While continuing like this, the fall of Analeit approached, forcing her to change forever. When Katia began to notice suspicious political movements and odd behavior from her friend Yuri and Schlain's sister, Sue, she sent people affiliated with the Anabald house to monitor Hugo Renxandt, who had been on her radar for a while. Instead, they were brainwashed and used to trap and further brainwash Katia. She was forced to attack Shun during his escape from the kingdom, but is able to split her consciousness into two. She sabotaged her own spell that was meant to attack Schlain using this second personality, causing it to explode in her face and lethally wound her. Shun revives Katia using his Ruler Skill, Mercy, then carries her, princess-style, while breaking free of the surrounding soldiers. From that moment on, Katia no longer had gender dysphoria, choosing to accept the feelings she struggled with for years and deciding to be fully female.[1]

As a result of breaking free of Hugo's brainwashing, she acquired the Skills Divinity Expansion, Heresy Resistance, and Parallel Minds.[3]


Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
Former classmate and close friend. As part of their former clique and the first reincarnation she met in the new world, Katia develops a very close relationship with Shun, as she feel she can let her guard down around him and comfortably speak Japanese together with him. As the series progress, she develops romantic feelings for Shun and get jealous if she sees him getting close with girls his age. As Shun was somewhat oblivious to the malicious intent and possible harmful intentions of their home kingdom's nobility, specifically the Queen and her eldest child's faction, Karnatia has taken up a protective role for Shun and become something akin to his unofficial political advisor, as unlike himself who lacked both the instincts and education of a nobility, Karnatia had already adapted to her position in her second life and worked to protect him politically and properly inform about the complexity of his situation when he began facing them.
Suelecia "Sue" Analeit
While Sue was cautious against Katia in the beginning due to her closeness to her brother, she was able to befriend her by convincing her that she just saw Shun as a friend. Katia has shown to have a better understanding of Sue in comparison to Shun, being able to see that her feelings for Shun are genuine and not for the sake of any assignment given to her by her mother. On the other end, though, Katia herself remains oblivious to the true, toxic extend of Sue's feelings nor that she secretly still despises her somewhat for her closeness to Shun.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
In the beginning, Katia was neutral towards Hugo, despite them hailing from different group of friends back in their past lives. Due to noticing Hugo's increasingly antagonistic attitude toward Shun, Karnatia has shown to have attempted to mend their relationship during their schools days to avoid any unncessary fighting between them, as seen where she had Shun try and approach Hugo and reconcile with him. However, their relationship became more strained as the series progress and they now view each other as enemies.
Filimøs Harrifenas
As her former homeroom teacher in Japan, Katia greatly respects Filimøs. As the series progress, Katia grows suspicious of Filimøs due her numerous unexplained absenteeism from the Royal Academy and her vague explanations for her actions, which she often leaves her and Shun in the dark. She often advise Shun to be cautious about around her and skeptical of her claims. As seen from their journey to the Elf Village, Karnatia actively kept her guard up against her and brought up the possibility of her working against them with her companions numerous times during their journey and later during the battle in the Elf Village.

Powers & Abilities

As a reincarnation, Katia was born with a unique skill and a great amount of skill points, which is further compounded by her being one of the few reincarnates taught how to fight. She was noted by the world's Natives as being a prodigy on-par with Shun before the latter obtained the Hero Title.

Titles & Skills

  • Transition: her unique skill as a reincarnation; converts any skill back into skill points. However, the return rate is not 100%, causing her to avoid using it.[4]
  • n% I = W: A unique skill shared by all reincarnations; it restores her HP, MP, and SP upon leveling up.
  • Swordmanship: She wields a rapier in combat, though her exact skill level with it is unknown.
  • Magic Power Perception & Magic Power Operation: Allows her to perceive and control magic power.
    • Fire Magic: Allows her to summon and manipulate fire; it is her strongest magic affinity.
    • Water Magic: Allows her to summon and manipulate water; it is her weakest magic affinity.


Note: This status is based on what information given from the story. She has no clean cut appraisal.

Karnatia Seri Anabald
Human LV?? Skill Points: 49,000 Karnatia Seri Anabald
HP ??
MP ??
SP ??
Average Offense Ability : ??
Average Defense Ability : ??
Average Magic Ability : ??
Average Resistance Ability : ??
Average Speed Ability : ??
Appraisal LV4  •  Magic Power Operation LV?  •  Magic Power Perception LV?  •  Fire Magic LV?  •  Flame Magic LV?  •  Earth Magic LV?  •  Parallel Minds LV1  •  Divinity Expansion LV1  •  Heresy Resistance LV1  •  Taboo LV1  •  n%I=W


  • Her Japanese carries a masculine accent, but when she speaks in her "native language" she holds the elegance and noble air that fits her title.
  • Katia's best magical affinity is Fire.[5]
  • According to D, Katia has the second largest bust amongst the Reincarnations, just beating out Shiraori and surpassed only by Sophia.
    • D believes the reason for this is because, since she was a man in her previous life, her female hormones overcompensated.
  • Kanata may have been gay in their previous life. This was hinted at by his colleagues jokes. They have tried asking Wakaba as a way to prove their orientation.


Light Novel


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