Julius Zagan Analeit was the second prince of the Kingdom of Analeit and the previous Hero, until he was killed by a mysterious white girl during the The Great Human-Demon War, after that his younger brother, Schlain, inherited the title.


Julius is characterised by his dark blue hair, and blue eyes. His often seen wearing a light suit of armour and his signature white muffler scarf that was made by his late mother from a high quality spider thread which was shortly knitted just before Schlain was born.

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The second prince of the Analeit Kingdom, he received the title of Hero at a very young age. Older brother to Shun, a reincarnation. His mother died giving birth to Shun, whom the kindhearted Julius strives to protect as his family and as his mother's parting gift.

Though he is still young, he constantly tries to act based on what he feels he should do as a hero, a prince, and an older brother. Because of his kindness and strong sense of duty, he comes to doubt whether what he did in the battle between Sariella and Ohts was right. As a result, he becomes determined to act based on what he believes is right, not just what others want him to do.


Nice to meet you. I’m your big brother Julius. I might not look it, but I’m the hero.

— Julius to Shun

Julius is afraid of spiders due to an event that occurred when he was younger. He is motivated by his younger brother Schlain, who highly respects him.


Julius is the second prince of the Kingdom of Analeit, born to the king's third princess consort and was granted the Hero title at a very young age. His mother died shortly after giving birth of his younger brother, Schlain.

During The War in Sariella, Julius fought on the side of Ohts. However, the battle descended into chaos when the Demon King appeared and fought the Divine Beast of Sariella. This prompted Julius to interfere, despite knowing he was outmatched and visibly scared. Ultimately, Ronandt transported the boy to safety using teleportation magic whilst the Demon King seemingly killed the Divine Beast. Later, when the beast's vengeful offspring attacked Keren County, Julius ignored orders to flee and engaged the horde. As a result of the events of that day, Julius developed mild arachnophobia.

After The War in Sariella, Julius became Ronandt's apprentice. However, his training methods proved too dangerous. During one session, Julius was at death's door after Ronandt attacked him using magic to build up his magical resistance, luckily Aurel managed to heal him. Since Julius is the hero and prince of the Analeit Kingdom, a formal complaint was made to the Renxandt Empire. As a result, Ronandt was demoted after Julius was taken back to the Analeit Kingdom.

One day, Schlain is informed by the Divine voice that he had inherited the Hero title. Since there can only be one Hero at a time, Schlain instantly knew that this meant that Julius had died. His death was later confirmed by Hyrince, revealing that he was killed by a mysterious white girl during The Great Human-Demon War.

Julius' death is detailed in Kumoko's point-of-view. When the Human-Demon War broke out, he defended a fort against the Seventh Demon Army. The Demon Commander, Bloe, challenged him to a one-versus-one duel, which the Hero accepted. Julius ended up easily overwhelming Bloe and even gave him multiple chances to surrender, which he stubornly refused. Ultimately, Julius killed Bloe and, believing he was their strongest fighter, demanded the remaining demons surrender. However, the white girl then stepped forward and Julius instantly recognized her as being the same Divine Beast he fought in The War in Sariella years prior. The girl then instantly killed Julius along with his entire party, except Hyrince, using a Rot attack.

To prevent civil unrest, the human nations kept Julius' death a secret until Schlein was ready to be publicly unveiled as the new Hero. However, this would never happen, as Hugo used his Lust skill to brainwash the higher-ups of the Word of God Religion and falsely declare himself the Hero instead.


Meiges Derra Analeit
Despite the limited time together due to Julius's busy schedule and Meiges's workload of being the monarch, they are observed to be on close terms. Julius has shared his thoughts and the remarkable potential of both Shun and Sue with his father, believing one day Shun will overtake him in combat ability.
Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
In spite of his busy schedule as the Hero of the world, Julius would try to make time for Shun, trying to catch up and also conduct friendly sparring session with him. Shun is one of the few family members he is close with due to his schedule and nature of being a royal. He strongly admires Shun and believes one day Shun would suppress him in terms of combat ability.
Ronandt Orozoi
After the war in Sariella, he was made into Ronandt's apprentice. Despite Ronandt's harsh training methods, Julius was still display a respectable attitude towards him years later.
Saint of Word of God in his party. While he is aware of Yaana's feelings towards him, he avoids reciprocating her feelings knowing the life of a hero is never stable. However, when she sacrificed herself to save him from a Queen Taratect during The Great Human-Demon War, he flew into a rage and later avenged her by slaying the beast, even using up the one-time-use Hero Sword to do so.
Shield Bearer and Julius' childhood best friend.
Veteran adventurer and party member. Jeskan is known to have a mastery of many forms of weapons.
Honorable rogue and party member.
Julius dueled Bloe during The Great Human-Demon War. Although he easily beat him, he was surprised at how he did not fit the image of an evil Demon and questioned as to why they were attacking. Upon learning that the Demon King forced them to into war, Julius attempted to form an alliance against their common enemy. However, after the Demon King had a Queen Taratect attack them, which they barely beat, Bloe lost his rebellious spirit and restarted their duel, forcing Julius to kill him.


Volume 5-6: Spider vs Demon Lord vs Hero
Species Name LV14 Skill Points: 0 Julius Zagan Analeit
HP 476
MP 497
SP 455
Average Offense Ability : 469
Average Defense Ability : 465
Average Magic Ability : 488
Average Resistance Ability : 471
Average Speed Ability : 435
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Precise Magic Power Operation LV1 • Magic Warfare LV9 • Magic Power Conferment LV8 • Magic Power Super-Attack LV1 • MP Rapid Recovery LV1 • MP Minimized Consumption LV1 • Swordsmanship LV7 • Destruction Enhancement LV6 • Cutting Enhancement LV2 • Impact Enhancement LV1 • Mental Warfare LV4 • Energy Conferment LV2 • Concentration LV9 • Hit LV5 • Evasion LV5 • Light Magic LV10 • Holy Light Magic LV1 • Vision Enhancement LV9 • Auditory Enhancement LV8 • Olfactory Enhancement LV6 • Taste Enhancement LV2 • Tactile Enhancement LV5 • Life LV9 • Magic Hoard LV2 • Instantaneous LV8 • Endurance LV8 • Strength LV9 • Solidity LV9 • Monk LV2 • Talisman LV1 • Running LV7 • Hero LV3


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