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Jeskan is a former adventurer that joined Julius' party


Jeskan has a well built body and a tanned complexion, evidences of his life as a former adenturer and being part of the Hero's party. He has ashen coloured hair and amber coloured eyes.

He is often seen wearing a grey robe in combat.



Jeskan is first shown with the Hero's party and Goyef in the Great Elroe Labyrinth[1] in which they successfully target and kill a Nightmare's Vestige.[2]

During the war against demons,[3] Jeskan and the other members of the Hero's party faced Agner while Julius dueled Bloe. Although they are able to scrape out a victory, both he and Hawkin are mortally injured. Yaana moves over to heal them, but both of them as well as Hyrince realize they are beyond saving and urge her to leave with him to support Julius. After they leave, Jeskan and Hawkin are implied to have succumbed to their injuries and died.



  • Jeskan can use various weapons according to the situation. However, he prefers a giant ax. It is shown that he also uses a sickle-and-chain.[2]


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