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Hyrince Quarto is Julius's childhood friend as well as the tank of the Hero party. As the second son of Duke Quarto of the Analeit Kingdom, he is a proud noble who has dedicated himself to protecting his friends and home. He is an uncle-like figure in Shun's life.



I wasn’t able to protect Julius. I’m a failure as a shield. But if you can settle for such a pathetic tank, please allow me to serve as the shield bearer for the new hero.

— Hyrince to Shun


Hyrince was born as the second son of Duke Quarto, born as a spare in case something were to happen to his elder brother. During his youth, he was friends with Second Prince Julius and, since he couldn't become his family's heir, later became his squire after Julius was selected by the System to become the Hero

Hyrince is first shown in the Great Elroe Labyrinth along with Julius, Yaana, Jeskan, Hawkin and Goyef, successfully hunting and killing a Nightmare's Vestige.

Hyrince fought with Julius and the party against the demon army causing the annihilation of the party except Hyrince, thanks to the effect of the Phoenix's Feather. After that devastating event, Hyrince returns to the Kingdom of Analeit and proceeds to help out the new Hero, Shun by joining his newly formed Hero party.

Volume 13 Spoilers It is later revealed that Hyrince is a clone of Güliedistodiez created to watch over the current holder of the Hero Title. The human infant Hyrince was stillborn, therefore, the Dragon God implanted his soul to begin his first experience as a human through the long influence of Sariel.

Powers & Abilities


Note: This status is based on what information given from the story. He has no clean cut appraisal.

Human LV?? Skill Points: ?? Hyrince
HP ??
MP ??
SP ??
Average Offense Ability : ??
Average Defense Ability : ??
Average Magic Ability : ??
Average Resistance Ability : ??
Average Speed Ability : ??
Auditory Enhancement LV?  •  Healing Magic LV?  •  Hero LV?  • 

Other Abilities

  • Soul connection: Being a "clone" of Güliedistodiez, Hyrince can obtain update memory information about the world through periodic soul synchronization with the Dragon God as his external terminal, however, the transmission initiation is one-sided so Hyrince can only convey his information to his soul origin and cannot directly contact Güliedistodiez.


  • The initial Hyrince was stillborn because his original soul was overtaxed by the confined world's reincarnation.


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