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Huey (ヒュウイ) was the commander of the 6th Demon Army. A youthful army general who specializes himself in magic.


Despite being older, Huey's physical appearance still resembled that of a child due to his aging being considerably slower than humans and even to that of his fellows Demons. This has been stated to be due to one of his ancestors being an Elf.


A childish commander, both in looks and personality. Despite this, his magic proficiency and intellect made him worthy of his position.[1] He fears Ariel from the bottom of his heart.

Like Sanatoria, Huey also disapproves of Ariel's actions since becoming the Demon Lord and has also begun to secretly undermine her orders. This is seen where he also provided some soldiers to the rebellion against her reign in secret. Later, it's been implied that like Sanatoria, he also planned to align with the Elves in the hopes of gaining enough allies to overthrow Ariel.


He made a mistake about when to retreat, and was defeated by the mage unit of the Empire lead by Ronandt. His death came when Ronandt’s magic shot through his head.


Huey was noted to be one of the most exemplary Demons of his generation and was stated to have had immense potential and strength.

  • High Magic Aptitude: Due to his family having some Elf blood mixed into their genetics, Huey was stated to have high natural aptitude for magic and was stated to have already gained high level magic skills and spells despite him being one of the younger and newer members of the Demon Army Commanders.
  • Low Physical Abilities: Due to his elven bloodline, Huey's body was stated to age and develop much slower than an average demon, because of this he retains the physicality of a preteen despite being an adult and thus performs and possess poor physical stats.


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