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Pope Dustin LXI

The Holy Kingdom of Alleius is a prominent human country and a seat of religious power. It neighbors the Kingdom of Analeit[1] in the Daztrudia continent.

General Information

The Holy Kingdom is a theocracy led by the current head of The Word of God Religion[2], Pope Dustin LXI.

The Holy Kingdom is also responsible for the upbringing of the Saint and the announcement of the Hero.

They do not have warm relations with the Demon Realm and Sariella.


Led by Pope Dustin LXI, the Word of God Religion is the largest religion and a major power among humans


There are other minor religions such as Goddess Religion that maintain a sort-of Check-and-Balance system in regard to religious power among the humans.


  • Their basic creed is “Improve our Skills so that we may hear the Word of God”. By raising one's Skills and level so that the voice speaks to you more often brings one closer to God.[3]
  • It is considered a holy duty to slay anyone with levels in Taboo.[4]
  • Acquisition of Heretic Magic is prohibited. Anyone who is found to acquire the skill will be placed under the management of the church or executed. The church maintains some magic tools loaded with Heretic Magic for interrogating criminals.[5]
  • The Saint is chosen from among the most elite female followers of the Word of God — the title is awarded based on merit, and not pedigree.[6]
  • Priests bless children using light magic.[7]


  • Word of God Religion Headquarters

Notable Residents


  • Year 842: Support offered to Ohts in their war with the Goddess Religion country Sariella
  • Year 846: Thanks to the Hero Julius, a large-scale human trafficking organization is exposed
  • Year 851: Saint candidate Yuri enters the Analeit royal academy
  • Year 856: Saint Yaana and Hero Julius die in the Human-Demon Great War
  • Year 856: The Word of God religion announces Hugo of the Renxandt Empire as the new Hero


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