Hawkin was a former "gentleman thief" that was captured while investigating rumors of human-traffickers by the very same human-traffickers. Jeskan, solo adventurer, was also investigating the same group and used his connections with the Renxandt Empire to acquire the funds to purchase Hawkin from the traffickers as a slave. The two have worked together as a duo ever since, eventually joining Julius, Yaana, and Hyrince at Tiva's recommendation during the investigation of the human-traffickers.[1]


Despite the rumors around his appearance due to his notoriety, Hawkin is a rather plain-looking man. Yaana described him as being able to blend into a crowd extremely easily.

He is characterised by his orange hair and roundish appearance.


Hawkin is an honest and righteous thief who stole from rich folk who's hands had seeped in misdeeds in order to give food to children in need. Whatever he stole was sold for food and given to orphanages. His desire to give children brighter futures is what led him to investigate the human-traffickers, who almost exclusively kidnapped children.


During the war against demons,[2] Hawkin and the other members of the Hero's party faced Agner while Julius dueled Bloe. Although they are able to scrape out a victory, both he and Jeskan are mortally injured. Yaana moves over to heal them, but both of them as well as Hyrince realize they are beyond saving and urge her to leave with him to support Julius. After they leave, Hawkin and Jeskan are implied to have succumbed to their injuries and died.




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