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Kumoko hatches from a spider egg in the Great Elroe Labyrinth in year 840. She escapes the labyrinth in year 841.

Kumoko's odyssey begins peacefully enough. Most of her memories are intact, but she's unaware of where she is because she's surrounded by an eggshell. It doesn't really take her long to break out, though, and chaos ensues; things go from peaceful enough to extremely violent. It takes her a second to realize that the spiders around her are her brothers and sisters and that she is a spider herself! Her Mother is indiscriminately stomping on her young and her siblings are even feeding on each other[1]. Kumoko quickly runs away from the carnage and gains her very first Skill: Appraisal via Skill Points (which is useless at its first level) between the carnage that ensued. Kumoko is determined to not die from the very outset of her new life.

She comes across the body of one of her siblings in the caves. In the same area, she also discovers a human footprint and the first reference to her size and Mother is made: she is about a meter long and mother is about 30 meters long.[1]Kumoko carries her siblings to a location that has no human footprints and decides to create her home there in the form of a spider's nest. She experiments with spider thread and becomes hungry. She's so famished that she eats it on the spot after a tiny amount of hesitation. And so Kumoko gains her very first title! Turns out it's [Kin Eater], much to her chagrin. In the nest, she catches, kills and consumesKu her first monster: an Elroe frog and gains Poison and Acid Resistance[2]

Kumoko encounters a badly injured human that ran away shortly and left an egg. She is unable to break the egg after much experimentation[3]. Kumoko captures and kills another Elroe Frog in the nest and gains her first level up![3] And so, she lazes about here in her daily routine; creating traps, balls of thread. In the meantime, Kumoko captures monsters such as the Elroe basilisk, Finjicote, Elroe peckatot and Elroe randanels.Human comes across it and she lets the human who got caught in her trap get away, and the returning force promptly burns her nest, causing her to run.[4]

After the humans burn her nest, she sets off with determination to not get too caught up in relaxation. And so she explores; leading her to her fighting face to face with an Elroe Frog. Due to the fight, she becomes injured and sets up a nest to recover. She encounters, kills and eats an Elroe Basilisk and levels up.[5] Kumoko decides to leave her nest and wander around again. After fighting many Elroe Ferects, she finds a cliff full of them and successfully runs away. As Kumoko was exhausted, she decides to create a nest and sleeps.[6]

At this point she has gained levels and skills. Kumoko encounters and kills an Elroe Baladorado after waking up in her nest, getting her close enough to level 10 that a group of Randanels allows her to evolve into a Small Taratect and decides to wander around again[7]. Even so, it doesn't take long for humans to find her again. This time, they give chase and she ends up jumping into a pit that leads to the Lower Stratum of the Great Elroe Labyrinth. There she first comes into contact with a Finjicote Hive, gets stabbed by a Finjicote, kills it, gets badly injured and hides. She then encounters Earth Dragon Araba after hiding.[8].

Araba's latent power drives a sense of despair into Kumoko. She's unable to do anything but cower in fear as Araba stomps around. Kumoko barely escapes death, and he eventually leaves[8]. After that event, Kumoko starts climbing up the pit via building the nest vertically over several days. Eventually, she fights numerous Finjicotes when trying to climb upwards via the nest but gets interrupted by the sudden appearance of Araba. Araba destroys the nest Kumoko was using to climb up. So, instead of building it again and risking Araba finding her, she sets off to explore. She moves to explore the vast cavern in the opposite direction Araba went, of course. Still, she encounters many strong creatures, such as the Elroe Greshigard, Greater Taratect[9], and Elroe Daznatch, but decides to avoid them due to the comparison in strength.

Due to lack of strength, Kumoko is unable to find any food. She soon finds herself rather hungry and ends up eating the absolutely disgusting Elroe Gastruch<[9], which grants her Rot Resistance. Another food-source for her in the Lower Stratum is the Elroe Kohokoro, and Elroe Randanels are also present.

Her travels eventually put her in a gigantic chamber in front of Bagragratches, while avoiding them she realizes that her Appraisal skill can now give her full details of her own stats, skills, and titles[10]. She eventually encounters an Anogratch and it spots her, forcing her to fight and kill it[10]. Little did she know this would lead her to one of her most intense battles yet.

Kumoko later begins to set up a nest on the ceiling of the wide cavern, like she has been while traversing the Lower Stratum. It doesn't take her long before a bunch of Anogratches start attacking her. Relentlessly. Anogratches have a unique skill called Vengeance and Wrath, which causes the entire troupe of monkeys to fly into a rage until they kill the one that harmed their own. Kumoko now has to deal with this onslaught. By using her thread and the cave structure (and the fact that she's on the ceiling) in a clever manner, she manages to fend off the hoard of monkeys. Eventually the three Bagragratches that she saw earlier join the fight, causing her to almost taste defeat. Finally, after a ridiculous battle on the ceiling, Kumoko manages to ensnare or kill every last monkey. She easily hits level 10 for her next evolution into Small Poison Taratect[11] and has plenty of food to last a while.[12]


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There's very little time for Kumoko to take a break. Right after dealing with the Anogratch army, she realizes that the air is a bit hot. Upon further investigation, she finds a slope going upwards into the Middle Stratum of Great Elroe Labyrinth. Unfortunately for her, Taratects are weak to fire, and the Middle Stratum is filled with pools of magma. Even the air lowers her HP. Even with the Fire Resistance skill, it still takes multiple levels to remove the damage the air and ground does to her. She also meets an Elroe Gunerush, a kind of sea-horse monster that spits fire. It's impossible for her to fight it as Kumoko cannot retaliate as her signature move, Spider Thread burns mid-air. It is also completely immune to fire which allows it to swim around in the magma that covers most of the Middle Stratum.[1]

After lamenting at the serious disadvantage she has fighting in the Middle Stratum, Kumoko decides go back to the gigantic chamber and evolve into the Small Poison Taratect after a dilemma. The main advantage is the ability to add her poison damage attribute to all her attacks, instead of just her bite, through the skill [Poison Attack]. After checking and testing skills, Kumoko is determined to push into the Middle Stratum and find long range attacks.[1]

In the next chapter, Kumoko whines about her inability to use magic. She's missing the Magic Power Operation and Magical Power Perception Skills. She already has Magical Power Perception in the form of Detection, though. Unfortunately, Detection is too powerful to use and ends up giving her a massive headache every time she uses it, and she can't use Magic Power Perception on its own since it's tied to Detection. While deliberating about where to use her 200 Skill Points, Kumoko comes across the skill called Pride via viewing the skill catalogue through appraisal. It has mysterious properties that, upon double appraising certain terms in the skill description, bring up the notification "cannot be appraised." Although she has her suspicions due to it's correlation with the Seven Deadly Sins, she picks it up anyway.[2]

She almost feels like she has to take this skill. Upon acquisition, Taboo levels up twice and she acquires Abyss Magic Level 10. After this she starts thinking about her senses and focuses on them. She gains a bunch of Skills in the Enhancement category, such as Vision, Auditory, and Olfactory Enhancement. She also gains Prediction and Parallel Thinking. Continuing along this process, she also works on Arithmetic Processing by multiplying by powers of 2 for a while. Some of these added Skills tend to level up when using Detection, but this gives Kumoko a huge headache. She also realizes that Heresy Resistance increases when using Detection. This is all mostly happening while she waits for her HP Auto-Recovery to finish so she can work on Fire Resistance in the Middle Stratum again.[2]

Kumoko gains a lot of skills when training her skills and going in-and-out of the Middle Stratum. She also acquires Fire Resistance Level 1 by slowly taking damage from the Middle Stratum and returning to the Lower Stratum to heal, allowing her to finally explore the Middle Stratum.Earth Dragon Kagna finds her, so she's forced into the Middle Stratum before she's fully ready. [3]

In the Middle Stratum, Kumoko is able to break even on healing with Fire Resistance Level 1 and HP Auto-Recovery Level 5, so she can explore the magma-filled Middle Stratum without dying just by breathing. Anyway, she fights an Elroe Gunerush and levels up, all while lamenting about wanting to use magic. Kumoko also fights two more Elroe Gunerush and also encounters and kills other monsters. Kumoko now yearns to use magic.[3]

She also fights a couple of Elroe Guneseven, a particularly tasty catfish, and explores some new Skills she earned like Thought Acceleration and Foresight. In addition, Appraisal leveled up and she is able to explore her earned Titles and her opponents' Skills. After exploring her new titles, she goes on a catfish (Guneseven) hunting spree, because they are ridiculously tasty.[4]

The Middle Stratum always seems fraught with danger. The next battle is a Elroe Gunerave not that long after Kumo finishes feasting on Gunesevens. It's a tough fight with many dodges and closecalls, causing several of Kumoko's abilities to level. Defeating the Gunerave also gives her enough experience points to unlock her next evolution: Zoa Ele or Poison Taratect.[5] She chooses Zoa Ele, of course, due to its increased requirements and the fact that it does not grow in size like the Poison Taratect evolution. She uses the corpse of the Gunerave to create a safety cocoon for her evolution.[6]

Upon evolution, Kumoko checks her status and realizes that all of her abilities went up by a huge amount. Most of them more than double. She also gained a few new assassin-like Skills, to fit the theme of the Zoa Ele: Stealth, Silence, Rot Attack, and Utility Thread. Her body also changed a little bit, such as gaining a pitch-black carapace and scythe-like front claws, indicating that she is no longer of the Taratect species line. After analyzing her stats and appearance, she binges on the Guneseven, which is delicious, apparently.[6] After gathering herself, Kumoko explores more of the Middle Sanctum. She also picks up an extremely powerful skill for all of her skill points: Perseverance. This skill allows her to use MP in place of HP when her HP reaches 1. It also grants the Skills Heresy Nullification and Conviction as well as the title Ruler of Perseverance. [6]

Heresy Nullification turns out to be pretty important. Kumoko can now use Detection without feeling like her skull is splitting open. Upon it's use, several passive thinking-related Skills level up. She also gains Divinity Expansion. Turning Detection on and sustaining it's use quickly levels up these Skills due to it's intense usage requirements and the Pride skill; Detection also quickly reaches level 10. Upon reaching level 10, Kumoko sees some kind of static, but it quickly goes away.[7]

With Detection now usable, Kumoko begins to explore magic, since Detection has Magic Power Perception bundled into it, still she saves it for later. Instead, she establishes her new skill that evolved from Parallel Thinking: Parallel Minds. She puts her new parallel in charge of body functions while the original handles other processes like System analysis and exploring magic. While continuing to explore, Kumoko regrets using Rot Attack as monsteres turn to dust which leads to no edible food left. She levels up after killing a monster randomly and checks out the Evil Eye spell list that she got from Perseverance. There are several Evil Eyes, but she ends up picking Cursed Evil Eye. Kumoko then encounters an Elroe Geafrog - an frog that is adapted to the environment of the Middle Stratum - and kills it via Cursed Evil Eye. She then tries to combine Telescopic Sight and Evil Eye but ultimately fails. [7]

While continuing to explore the Middle Stratum, Appraisal eventually reaches level 10! Much to Kumoko's dismay, nothing happens, but that static from before becomes noticeable. Someone tries to reject the request, but D accepts it, creating the ruler skill Wisdom for Kumoko. This interruption and introduction by administrators gives Kumoko a feeling that there is "something wrong with this world."[7] She appraises Wisdom and it's contents, and discovers the function of Wisdom, Height of Occultism and Celestial Power. Kumoko also successfully activates different magic spells. She also plans to get out of the Middle Stratum in the meantime.[8]

Kumoko continues to explore, encounters a large magma lake only containing several small islands ;and finds an Elroe Gunesohka and many Elroe Gunesevens and Elroe Gunerushes in the magma. She uses Poison Magic to deflect fireballs and dodges them as well. After some time in the defending stance, she uses various Poison Magic and her scythes to kill Elroe Gunerushes and Elroe Gunesevens. Eventually only a few Guneraves and an Elroe Gunesohka are left. She uses Paralyzing Evil Eye and Paralysis shot to immobilize them and kills them. Due to the fight she gains the title, [Fearbringer] which gives [Intimidation LV 1] [Heretic Attack LV 1]. She appraises [Fearbringer] which shows that it's effect is to scare enemies away using Fear. Kumoko is unable to turn it off. She looks through the skill catalogue, comes across Spatial Magic and decides to purchase it but it turns out that at it's current level, it is useless; showing a resizable metaphysical cube with green lines. Kumoko descales the monsters and basks in victory.[9]


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Kumoko yearns escape from the Middle Stratum and out of the labyrinth as she yearns to eat better-tasting food. She contemplates about what to do if she escapes out of the labyrinth.[1] As Kumoko walks around the labyrinth, monsters run away from her due to the intimidation effect of Fearbringer. She worries that she would run out of red SP. As she continues to explore, Kumoko encounters a large hole and senses/sees Mother climbing down. Suddenly, the fire dragon, Rend; along with an army of monsters tries to fight Mother but gets obilterated by a single breath attack by Mother. Seeing this, Kumoko is terrified of Mother and stays at the same location for awhile.[2]

After some amount of time, Kumoko starts moving but encounters an injured Rend - which survived from Mother's attack. Kumoko faces and fights Rend. As she has the advantage due to utilising Heresy Magic, Spider Threads, Poison Synthesis, Rot Attack and Abyss Magic efficently, Kumoko eventually kills the fire dragon Rend. She basks in victory and quickly carries Rend's corpse away as there is incoming magma due to a large hole created by Kumoko using Abyss Magic. Meanwhile, an administrator finds out that a dragon is dead and decides to investigate it...[3]

While exploring in the Middle stratum, Kumoko uses Skill Points to purchase Heavy Evil Eye and decides to utilise it on herself. Suddenly, an extremely dark person teleports in front of Kumoko and speaks an alien language that she does not understand. A smartphone randomly appears and D speaks through the smartphone. After talking to the dark man, the dark man unhapily teleports away. After D talks to Kumoko via reading Kumoko's mind and speaking through telepathy, the smartphone teleports away.[4]

Kumoko continues to explore and eat in the Middle Stratum for some time and it is shown that she gains some skills such as Medicine Synthesis, Jinx Evil Eye and Clairvoyance. She questions the motive of the administrators as well as the System. After more exploring, the delighted Kumoko eventually finds the path up to the Upper Stratum using Clairvoyance.[5] Kumoko sets up a home between the Upper Stratum and the Middle Stratum. She laments that she has to go to great lengths to find monsters as all the monsters are intimidated her. Eventually, Kumoko encounters and kills an earth wyrm and she decides to teleport to consume the earth wyrm when she gets hungry.[6]

After several days, Kumoko encounters a group of adventurers struggling to fight an Elroe Baladorado. After a dilemma, she eventually kills the Elroe Baladorado with ease, and is now able to evolve. She then heals the injured adventurers with Healing Magic. Upon healing them, Kumoko finds a fruit named Krikita laying on the ground and she is excited to eat it. She teleports away along with the Elroe Baladorado corpse and the Krikita. Kumoko then tries the Krikita fruit and enjoys it. She proceeds to evolve into an Ede Saine after some thought.[7]

Upon her awakening after the evolution, Kumoko gains Taboo LV 10 and is vexated due to the information installed in her for obtaining Taboo LV 10. She finds out that the world is collapsing, the motive behind the creation of the System and the reason for the skill n% I = W. The raging Kumoko decides to teleport to the Lower Stratum to kill monsters and level up.[6] When exploring and killing monsters of the Lower Stratum, Kumoko encounters Gehre and Kagna together. She laments about their strengths and decides to avoid them and teleport to a large passage near the pit where she encountered Araba. Kumoko sees an Elroe Baraggish moving to the pit whlie hiding. Araba suddenly appears. It fights the Elroe Baraggish and kills it with ease. Upon seeing this, Kumoko is determined to eventually kill Araba; she trembles with fear and excitement. Kumoko continues to kill monsters in the Lower Stratum for a few days. The terror from spectating the battles between the Elroe Baraggish and Araba as well as encountering Gehre and Kagna sinks in and haunts her.[8]

Kumoko is now at her home and is approached by an Arch Taratect, 3 Greater Taratects and many more spiders. It is explained that the reason the spiders approached her, is because Kumoko used the mental path between Mother and her as a pathway for the Parallel Minds to travel to Mother in order to erode her soul. She fights the Arch Taratect and teleports it to the Middle Stratum. Using Repellent Evil Eye and some magic, she eventually forced the Arch Taratect to fall into the magma. Kumoko proceeds to repeat the same method with the Greater Taratects and then kills the rest with ease.[9]

Kumoko is planning to defeat Araba and teleports to the pit where she encountered Araba. She massacres the Finjicotes and destroyed their hive in order to prevent the the Finjicotes from interfering with the fight between her and Araba. Kumoko teleports back to her home and is met by Ronandt, Burimus and the Empire Knights. She finds out that her home is burnt down and becomes furious. Kumoko obliterates the group of all the knights along with Burimus' familiars swiftly with magic. She almost kills Ronandt and Burimus but both of them teleport before Kumoko could kill them. She discovers that the 4 Labyrinth Guides has ran away and decides to mark them down via Wisdom with the hope of them being able to escape out of the Labyrinth so she is able too as well.[10]

Kumoko is prepared against Araba and teleports to the pit. After awhlie, she encounters Araba and fights it. After an exchange of breath attacks from Araba and magic from Kumoko, Kumoko and Araba chases each other vertically up in the pit in what is seeimingly a checkmate positoin. With the efficient utilisation of Poison Synthesis, Spider Thread, Black Magic and Heretic Magic; Kumoko eventually takes the upper hand and traps Araba with Spider Thread. Unexpectedly, Araba uses up all his Skill Points to obtain Inferno Magic LV 1 and other skills that counters Kumokos' style of fighting. Araba proceeds to use Earth Magic as a platform to chase her along with the use of Fire-related magic. Due to this, Kumoko almost dies but successfully manages to drain Araba out of its' Red SP with Sloth in which Araba response is such of completely accepting its' death gracefully; she proceeds to kill Araba bitterly.[11]

Several later after killing Araba, she teleports to the entrance of the Great Elroe Labyrinth through Wisdom thanks to the Labyrinth Guides that made it out and Kumoko is elated due to this.[12]


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