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Welcome to our hell on earth, the Great Elroe Labyrinth.

— Basgath, Entering the Great Elroe Labyrinth, Light Novel Vol. 4

Map of Daztrudia and Kasanagara, with the Great Elroe Labyrinth connecting the two continents.

The Great Elroe Labyrinth is the largest labyrinth in the world, connecting the continents of Daztrudia and Kasanagara underground while having an ocean above it. It is home to a myriad of monsters that often have the name of the dungeon attached to their name. This is the first dungeon the protagonist awakes in after her reincarnation.


The Great Elroe Labyrinth is an important connection between Daztrudia and Kasanagara, as the ocean is impassable due to the presence of water dragons. While teleportation circles are also an option, the Labyrinth is still the only land connection between the two continents.

The Labyrinth is in total far larger than Hokkaido.[1]


Two characters reincarnated inside the labyrinth, one as a nameless Small Lesser Taratect and the other as an Earth Dragon egg. Fortunately for the dragon egg, she was brought out of the labyrinth by a group of adventurers, while the reincarnated spider has to live in the harsh environment of the labyrinth.


Part of the Labyrinth Kumoko traversed as of Manga Chapter 22

The Labyrinth consists of four different levels of depth; the Upper Stratum, Middle Stratum, Lower Stratum, and Bottom Stratum.

The Upper Stratum is the highest floor of the labyrinth and the area that the weakest monsters inhabit, although nearly all of them are poisonous. People that pass through the Labyrinth to cross from Daztrudia to Kasanagara will travel only through this layer, as any lower ones would be too dangerous for humans.

The Middle Stratum of the Labyrinth sits between the Upper and Lower Stratum. The entire area is riddled with magma pools and streams.

Below the Middle Stratum are the Lower Stratum and Bottom Stratum. Compared to the Middle Stratum the environment is less hostile, being a simple cavern landscape, but instead are swarmed with many powerful monsters that are incomparable to the Upper and Middle Stratum. There are some monsters that are not powerful in these Strata, such as the snail-bug.[2]


Some monsters of the labyrinth, such as small rock turtles, Elroe basilisks, and Elroe frogs, can digest the rocks of the labyrinth. Plant-type monsters, such as the Elroe wiris, can likely extract energy from labyrinth in the same way, and provide a food source for the herbivores such as Elroe Mowajitz.[3]

Known Individuals

Monster Population

Upper Stratum

The bat monsters in the anime

The 6-legged wolves in the anime

Creatures in this layer seem to be weaker than the other layers, most of them also specialize in inducing status effects.

Middle Stratum

The inhospitable environment of the Middle Stratum as seen in the anime.

As the middle layer has a lot of lava pools, most of these creatures have fire related attacks and fire resistance, capable of swimming in the lava.

Lower Stratum

Most of the creatures in this layer are very dangerous compared to the ones from the upper layers. Some of the weaker monsters that appear in the Upper Stratum can be sighted in the Lower Stratum as stronger monsters avoid them due to the weaker monsters being mainly poisonous and hence, unfavorable to consume.[6]

Bottom Stratum

The most dangerous place in the dungeon due to being inhabited mostly by Earth Dragons, and being the place where the Queen Taratect can be found when she's not wandering around the Labyrinth.


These creatures move around the different layers of the labyrinth.


The Daztrudia entrance is surrounded by a fortress. The fortress doubles as a breakwater for a demon invasion from Kasangara, and as a barrier to trespassers and escaping monsters.[9]

The Great Elroe Labyrinth is not only an important landmark but also the most important place of the MA System. The Bottom Stratum is where the System Core resides. The core works as the CPU of the System. The Earth Dragons in the Bottom Stratum work as guardians to protect the System Core. The Labyrinth is also the only place where Sariel's voice can be heard, mostly in dreams.



  • Elroe Randanael could be a reference to the “rule of three” trope.
  • Elroe Piek could be a reference to One Piece's Akainu whose nickname means red dog and has magma related power.


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