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Goyef is a man who works as a guide in the Elro Great Labyrinth. Basgas’s son. He has acted as a guide for Julius and co in the past. While he has considerable talented as a guide, he refused to be a guide for Shun and co who were on the wanted list.[1] He and his family lives in a town, near the Daztrudia's labyrinth entrance.[2]


He looks well-trained, and he wears a meek expression when sizing someone up.[2][3]


Goyef guided Juilus's party to investigate the Nightmare's Vestige.[4] A few years later, Hyrince introduces him to Shun's party, requesting that he guide the fugitive party through the labyrinth to Kasangara. Goyef declines, so as to not endanger his family. His father Basgath volunteers instead, saying that Goyef can just explain his support for Shun's party as the actions of a senile old man.[3]


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