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Gods are beings that carry an enormous amount of energy and are able to manipulate a unique type of magic, called conjuring. Their powers are not bound by the System.

Gods that manage the System are called Administrators.


Minor Characters


There are four main races of gods, the oldest being the titans, followed by dragons, and then the angels and demons.[1]


Titans are the oldest race of gods, not much is currently known about them.


Dragons rule over many planets (They are not a race native to the planet the story takes place on)[2]. They have sturdy bodies and high intelligence and often have an egotistical or narrow-minded personality. Newborn dragons are expected to grow into gods sooner or later, becoming more powerful over time. The strongest dragon individual is known as the Unbreakable God.

Dragons have the ability to produce a strong boundary field, within which the construction of the magecraft is completely prevented.

The dragons within the System are imitations of true dragons: their magic obstruction skills mimics the dragon boundary field.

Notable Individual

  • Güliedistodiez


Angels suddenly appeared in ancient times, and attack other races of gods indiscriminately. They are theorised to be created as a defence mechanism by various worlds in response to the rampaging titans and dragons.

Angels evolve by killing gods, taking the defeated god's strength, intelligence or appearance. This ability appears to be derived from the law that whenever a powerful god dies on a world, the living beings on that world slowly evolve to become similar to the dead god. Many angels have a human appearance because an angel killed the god who was the originator of the human race. The angel's evolution ability can result in them developing a sense of self, making them stray from the main pack.

Seraphs are a class of higher-order angels.[3]

Notable Individual

  • Sariel


  • Soul Sight: Gods have the ability to see people's souls.
  • Conjuring

See also: Administrators, Past Arc


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