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Goblins are a race of weak, sentient, humanoid monsters that live in villages near the Mystic Mountains, a steep and dangerous mountain range with a severe environment and inhabited by a lot of strong monsters.


Goblins are weak monsters with a short lifespan, they live for only around 11 to 13 years, and their only hope to live a longer life is by evolving into Hobgoblins. For this reason, raising one's level is important to goblins, and they're focused on hunting other monsters to do so.

A day of the Goblin starts with a prayer. After giving the prayer, they are assigned to each work. The Goblins who haven't evolve polish themselves, and the evolved Hobgoblins engage in developing the junior's training. Goblins retained noble honor on their chest.

Due to being weak they hunt using refined strategies regarding the combat, and they know the way of efficient hunting well. Goblin hunting groups usually return with only half of its members. The village will always give thanks and prayers for the hunting group, those who returned are met, and those who didn't be given funerals.[1]


  • Goblin
First evolution
  • Goblin Fighter: Strong in close combat, the most basic and faithful
  • Goblin Ranger: Has high quickness, dexterous fingers and assistance-oriented
  • Goblin Shaman: Strong magic-type and can handle magic[2]
Second evolution
  • Hobgoblin
Third evolution


  • Goblin → Goblin Fighter
  • Goblin → Goblin Ranger
  • Goblin → Goblin Shaman
  • Goblin Shaman LV10 → Hobgoblin [1]
  • Goblin Ranger LV10 → Hobgoblin [1]
  • Goblin Fighter LV10 → Hobgoblin [1]
  • Hobgoblin → High Goblin
  • Hobgoblin → Ogre [3]

According to Wrath, the most notable differences in the goblin's evolutions are the sizes. Each evolution gains in size excluding Oni.

Monster File Description

Small-statured, humanoid monsters. Individually, they are not particularly strong, but they are capable of cooperating in battle. As the race of monsters that most closely resembles humans, goblins have skills that vary greatly from one individual to another. They will never betray other goblins and fight bravely no matter the circumstances, causing them to be both feared and admired by adventurers. They have a strong sense of kinship; warrior goblins are always given a flower as a charm to protect them. Their danger level varies based on the individual as well as the size of the group. [4]


Goblins LV1~10 Skill Points: 0
HP 40~80
MP 40~80
SP 40~80
Offense : 30~60
Defense : 30~60
Magic : 30~60
Resistance : 30~60
Speed : 30~60
Varies, depending on the individual
Web Novel-Oni 3: Weapon creation
Goblin LV1 Skill Points: 0 Razu-Razu
HP 69
MP 35
SP 66
Average Offense Ability : 68
Average Defense Ability : 66
Average Magic Ability : 33
Average Resistance Ability : 31
Average Speed Ability : 65
Magic Power Perception LV2 • Magic Power Operation LV1 • SP Recovery Speed LV3 • SP Lessened Consumption LV6 • Concentration LV3 • Supplication LV8 • Impact Resistance LV2 • Wind Resistance LV1 • Ice Resistance LV6 • Vision Enhancement LV7 • Auditory Enhancement LV6 • Olfactory Enhancement LV4 • Taste Enhancement LV2 • Tactile Enhancement LV3 • Life LV9 • Magic Mass lV4 • Instantaneous LV7 • Persistent LV7 • Strength LV9 • Solidity LV8 • Technique User LV3 • Protection LV2 • Running LV7 • Weapon Creation LV1

Known Individuals


  • The goblins are portrayed as a subversion of what people would expect from goblins in RPG.
  • All goblins worship the Goddess Sariel. This is due to the fact that the originator of the goblin race was a human experiment subject that that Sariel looked after.
  • Goblins have a tradition of giving a single pressed flower to each member of a hunting group. This tradition has existed since shortly after the system was put into place: when the original goblin went to hunt for the others in the goddess orphanage, he was given a pressed flower book mark for good luck by the Origin Taratect Ariel.
  • Goblins place great importance in their names, which are always the same two syllables repeated.[6]


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