Potimas mused that the interference of a spider monster in his schemes in the Keren County was a good opportunity to test the new, type-A model of Gloria.[1]

A Gloria was prepared by the elves before the Renxandt and demon armies arrived.[2]

Info from Web Comic: (Gloria Type Ω)

The Gloria was a weapon made by Potimas to be able to combat gods (mainly to combat Güliedistodiez). The main idea of it was that it would have far more energy in reserve than a god would, and would simply wait until the god it is fighting runs out of energy (once a being runs out of energy they are no different from a normal being). This energy reserve was created by using "several dozen people's souls" to mimic a gods soul. [3]

Although the Gloria is impossible to appraise, Potimas does give rough estimates on its strength. [4]

Physical Offensive ability: 150,000

Physical Defensive ability: 100,000

Speed: 100,000

Monster File Description

Warning: existence not authorized by the system.


Gloria LV Skill Points: 0
HP error
MP error
SP error
Offense : error
Defense : error
Magic : error
Resistance : error
Speed : error


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