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Gloria refers to the line mechanical weapons, cyborgs and machines created by Potimas through his centuries of research in order to acquire true immortality.


Due to the centuries of research Potimas has done in his incredibly long life, he has made several variations of the Gloria models in order to accomplish his goals.

Type A

One of the most commonly seen and most used models of the Gloria's is the Type A Cyborgs. By using his elves and his clones as a base, Potimas upgraded and modified numerous bodies into becoming hybrid cyborgs outfitted with numerous weapons. Potimas himself uses these units in conjunction with his [Diligence] Skill in order to remotely possess these cyborgs as his spare bodies whenever he needed to leave the safety of the Elf Village, allowing him to fight against his powerful enemies with absolutely no danger to himself due to the fact that his true body was safely hidden away in the village.

The Type A's themselves are shown to be all equipped with large guns as their main offensive weapon and are shown to have all been extensively modified to the point that nearly every piece of its flesh was now metal, granting them powerful defense.

One of the most powerful weapons outfitted to these Cyborgs is the "Anti-Technique Barrier", a barrier field that when deployed, causes a field to envelope the surroundings of the cyborg unit that completely blocks out and prevents the activation of external skills and magic. Due to the fact that these machines utilize technology rather than magic to fight, this gives Potimas the advantage over most opponents.

However a weakness to this technique is that it does not prevent the activation of skills and abilities that activate internally.

As seen from his battle against the newly evolved Arachne Kumoko, Potimas's Type A cyborgs are strong enough to overpower a being as powerful as her due to the barrier disabling most of her skills and its body being too strong for her to slash or cut with her spider arms.

Info from Web Comic: (Gloria Type Ω)

The Gloria was a weapon made by Potimas to be able to combat gods (mainly to combat Güliedistodiez). The main idea of it was that it would have far more energy in reserve than a god would, and would simply wait until the god it is fighting runs out of energy (once a being runs out of energy they are no different from a normal being). This energy reserve was created by using "several dozen people's souls" to mimic a gods soul. [1]

Although the Gloria is impossible to appraise, Potimas does give rough estimates on its strength. [2]

Physical Offensive ability: 150,000

Physical Defensive ability: 100,000

Speed: 100,000


Potimas mused that the interference of a spider monster in his schemes in the Keren County was a good opportunity to test the new, type-A model of Gloria.[3]

A Gloria was prepared by the elves before the Renxandt and demon armies arrived.[4]

Monster File Description

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