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The G-Tri is a support flier for the G-Fleet. It's maneuverability and firepower match the Wind Dragons that fly over the wastelands between the independent countries and Renxandt Empire.

Monster File Description

A weapon that was kept in the ancient ruins. Its official designation is the G-Tri. It is equipped with two High-Powered Type-4 Light Cannons as its main guns and two High-Powered Type-3 Light Cannons as its secondary guns. Because its armor is constantly producing an anti-magic barrier, it is highly resistant to magical attacks. Most of its power is provided by MA energy, and since it can also extract that energy independently, it can function indefinitely as long as it is not destroyed. It specializes in using high-speed flight to lay down deadly barrages.[1]


Tank LV Skill Points: 0
HP error
MP error
SP error
Offense : error
Defense : error
Magic : error
Resistance : error
Speed : error


  1. Volume 7-5: Unidentified Flying Objects Always Appear Out of Nowhere
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