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Güliedistodiez, also known as Gülie, and Kuro (or Black), is a dragon god and one of the administrators of the System.

He is often seen as a bystander of things that happen in the world, but does not take kindly to outside forces that disrupt the order of things too much.


Güliedistodiez is described by Kumoko as "a very dark man." He wears black armour that fits him like a glove and looks like a carapace. His skin is extremely dark without a hint of colour (though in the anime his skin is light and slightly tanned instead), and his hair is black. The only source of colour are his eyes, which are eerily red.

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One of the administrators who controls this world and its system. As part of his duties, he is in charge of dragons and wyrms. He knows about reincarnations, having learned of them when one killed a dragon. Under orders from his superior, Administrator D, he is to observe them without interfering; however, he often acts independently by lending Ariel a hand, narrowly toeing the line, and exploiting other such loopholes.

Being a god and an administrator, he is incredibly strong. However, he currently finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place as he balances between the unimaginably powerful D and a certain problem-causing reincarnation.

He is currently watching over the world for the sake of Goddess Sariel.


Güliedistodiez is a rather quiet and thoughtful man, usually putting other's safety before his own. Nonetheless, his morals are placed high in his priorities list and wouldn't even doubt a second to intervene to protect the mortals of his world.

He also directly oversees the dragons of the System, and will step in to protect them if he feels that they are in too much danger.[citation needed]


Administrator Güliedistodiez first appeared in the series soon after Kumoko defeated Rend. He teleports in front of her and speaks a language she can't understand. D sends a smartphone to the two of them. Gülie speaks to D before tossing it to the protagonist and teleporting away.

The Past

The following part describes the "Past Arc" of the WN and is yet to be covered in the LNs. Read at your own discretion
As a young dragon who only recently reached the realm of the gods, Gülie is sent by the dragons' upper echelon to watch over the rescue of an abducted infant dragon. He grows frustrated at the impudence of the inferior humans, and lashes out. His attack is stopped by Sariel, an seraph-class angel vastly more powerful than him.[1]

Gülie begins to doubt the absolute superiority of dragons. He uses clairvoyance to spy on Sariel, hoping to find some flaw that would allow him to say that dragons are superior after all. What he sees bewilders him: while aiding the primitive lifeforms, Sariel does not use her powers as a god, so a great many preventable deaths occur.[2]

Gülie goes to confront Sariel, asking her why she uses such roundabout actions to help humans. He appears in a hospital and obstinately tries to get her attention while in a hospital, ignoring the common sense to be quiet in a hospital. Foddway, a wealthy backer of the Sariella Society, humiliates him by pointing out his ignorance of common sense and his stalker-like behaviour.[3] Gülie resolves to study human society.[4] Seeking confirmation of his suspicions on why Sariel does not use her power, Gülie returns to the Sariella society, where Foddway shares his objective of freeing Sariel from her mission.[5]

When the dragons begin their war against the humans Gülie is tasked with stalling Sariel. He attempts to persuade her that it is correct to take action in order to stop the humans' wasteful drawing of MA Energy, so she should deviate from her mission of protecting the humans in this case. He is unsuccessful, and remains behind in the orphanage, unable to choose between accompanying or stalling Sariel.[6]

When the dragons leave the planet, taking most of the remaining MA Energy with them, Gülie predicts that Sariel will choose to sacrifice herself to restore the world. Seeking a way to save her, Gülie went to the only god who is strong enough to act in defiance to the dragons, and capricious enough to accept his request.[7]


Being one of few living being who knows about the truth of the world and Güliedistodiez's past, he has established a working relationship with Ariel. Being both the masters of some of the most powerful creatures on the planet, they had a non-aggression pact to ensure their subordinates they command do not engage with each other unless necessary. Güliedistodiez has also left one of his subordinate, Dark Dragon Reise, with Ariel as contact point to him.
Güliedistodiez first learned of Kumoko after she defeated Rend, violating the non-aggression pact between the Dragons and Spiders. However, D ordered him to not interfere with her. Learning about the Reincarnations, Güliedistodiez came to regard them as possible threats to the world, Kumoko especially. While he has come to rely on her to settle incidents regarding reincarnations, he also tried to convince her to stay in the Great Elroe Labyrinth and later, following her evolution into Shiraori, to leave the planet.
Superior. Due to a past agreement and currently working with D, Güliedistodiez would tried his best to fulfil D's requests. Not much is known about their current relationship.
Potimas Harrifenas
Due to their long and complicated history with each other, they both display an antagonistic attitude against one other. Not much is known about their current relationship.
Dustin LXI
Working acquaintance. It was implied Güliedistodiez has known Dustin for a very long time. They have on occasions worked together in combating planetary threats. Not much is known about their current relationship.
A fellow administrator. It is strongly implied Güliedistodiez has romantic feelings towards Sariel.


Güliedistodiez is stated by various powerful individuals to be the strongest being on the planet, surpassed only by outsiders. Being a god and a true dragon, his stats are over the System limit and will continue to rise with age. However, the source of his power is also his weakness. Since his strength comes from his rank, he will never be able to defeat those higher than him and having always been the strongest means that he has no experience fighting an equal, causing him to be quickly overwhelmed when facing such an opponent.


Conjuring is a paranormal phenomenon that the gods are able to produce. As the base of magic, conjuring allows an individual to create truly unique forms of magic.

  • Administrator Authority: As his role as an administrator of the system, Güliedistodiez is able to manage and observe events happening in the world.
  • Physical Strength beyond the System: As a god, Güliedistodiez's stats are above the System's limit. His is able to easily toss a water dragon back into the sea and knock out a berserk Wrath with capped-stats in a fight.
  • True Dragon Barrier: The unique ability that dragon gods possess which allows them to create a special boundary field. The field invalidates all magecraft within its range and can hence be called the natural enemy of gods that rely upon the construction of magecraft.
  • Dimensional Magecraft: Güliedistodiez has shown on multiple occasion that he is capable of teleporting to any part of the world at will and pulling items from storage of his dimensional item box. Furthermore, he has shown he is able to create his own pocket dimension.
  • Boundary FieldA realm created by a god, that is sort of like being inside the god. Güliedistodiez demonstrated that in his personal realm, he is able to change the laws of physics inside its zone. Being inside a god's zone is advantageous for the god and disadvantages for everyone else. The zone will dull the movements of opponents and nobody except the owner can properly use their power within it.
  • Soul implantation: It is later revealed that Hyrince was a stillborn child, Güliedistodiez implanted his soul into the baby allowing Hyrince to live as a human clone of Güliedistodiez.
  • Telepathy: Güliedistodiez is able to use telepathy to communicate with Kumoko. He has shown numerous times in the series to be able to communicate to his subordinates via telepathy. Güliedistodiez's telepathy unlike regular telepathy has translation function that he based on the translation function of D's phone.


  • He has several nicknames because it's not easy to pronounce "Güliedistodiez".


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