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Gods and people. If you can have both perspectives, you might be able to bring change to Sariel-sama. It's already too late for a simple human to do that. But saying that, a simple god doesn't work either. What's needed is an existence that is a god yet understands people.

The head of the list of donors who provide financial support to the Sariella Society.


He carries himself with poise, looking like a capable butler.


Once Foddway opens his mouth, he can keep a constant stream of abusive language without pause for an entire day.


Before meeting her, Foddway considered himself the exact opposite of Sariel: while Foddway would purposelessly extract wealth from the weak, Sariel would them salvation. Curious about the kind of person that Sariel is, Foddway donates part of his excessive wealth to the Sariella foundation. Meeting with Sariel, he is surprised by how machine-like she is, seeing her as an unchanging cog like him. Nevetheless, he sees small flickers of emotions in her and resolves to liberate Sariel from her mission.

Despairing that his lifetime is far too short to puzzle out the heart of a god, he is relieved when Gyurie appears in a Sariella Society hospital. In order to provoke him, Foddway accuses Gyurie of being a stalker despite knowing full well that as a dragon, Gyurie could kill him in an instant.[1]

As a member of the Sariella Society, Foddway uses his resources to expose a slavery cartel that had been trafficking people for the human experiments of a renown researcher, Potimas. The rescued individuals had been transformed into vampires, rogue variants of normal species that transform others through a form of magecraft. Foddway himself is bitten. Despite becoming a vampires, Foddway is inexplicably able to retain his sense of self.[2]

Upon seeing the collapsed Foddway, Sariel and Gyurie are able to sense that he is a vampire, and quickly respond to contain the vampire outbreak. Following Foddway is quarantined and retreats from his activities with the Sariella Society.[3]

After the system was created, Foddway began to take actions to accelerate the release of Sariel. He used his newly acquired powers to turn the population into vampires and launched wars with his new army. Those events made him known as the first Demon Lord. After his defeat, vampires were culled into extinction by the rest of the world until the arrival of Sophia, who was born as a vampire as her reincarnation bonus.


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