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Filimøs Harrifenas, previously Okazaki Kanami (岡崎香奈美), was the homeroom teacher of the class that was killed in the explosion at the start of the story. She reincarnated as the daughter of Potimas Harrifenas, the ruler of elves.


Okazaki Kanami was characterised by her petite short figure and her twin ponytails. In the anime, she is often sported wearing a white frilly jacket, a below the knee length maroon coloured skirt and half frame glasses.

Filimøs, being a young elf, has a slim body with a child-like appearance. She has blond hair arranged as twintails. Filimøs eyes are blue giving her the complete appearance of a classic elf. When someone talks about her small body, Filimøs said that it is because hasn't enter to her puberty and someday she's going to have a growth spurt without knowing that elves tend to have small and slender bodies.


Even before the reincarnation Okazaki-sensei (Filimøs) was known for her weird manner of speech the same she still use after the reincarnation. Being a teacher was her childhood dream, and to do that she searched for things that were popular among the students (videogames, manga, etc) and created a likeable character for herself based on that. Filimøs deeply cares for her students, and even after reincarnation she works hard to keep them safe.


Filimøs was reincarnated on Elf Village as Potimas Harrifenas' daughter. One of her first actions was learn Telepathy to speak with her father and told him everything, Potimas accepted to give her all the help she needed to find the students. After several years Filimøs went to the Kingdom of Analeit to meet with 3 students Shunsuke YamadaOoshima Kanata and Shinohara Mirei, and offers them the chance to go with her to the academy.

She's often absent from the academy while helping the elves try to avert the approaching war,[1] but returns at Leston's request after Shun becomes the Hero.[2]


Due to being raised by the Elves and being ignorant of the true state of the world, Filimøs believes the Administrators that handle the System to be malignant god-like beings who see the people of the world as means to siphon more power for themselves. However, it seem evident that she herself does not completely believe this story due to his growing distrust toward the elves.
Ms. Oka has shown to greatly care for Hugo same as all of her other students and has made efforts to help control his arrogant behavior and laminated her inability to properly help and stop him as he gradually began going out of control. However despite her good intentions, it is evident that Oka herself did not have a good understanding of Hugo as a person and thus despite her attempts at helping him was with good intentions, she non-the less-only ended up worsening Hugo's megalomania and her attempts to get him to "regain" his humanity only ended causing him to develop a deep grudge and intense hatred for her.
The fact that Sophia choose to side with the Administrators torments her.[3] When Sophia was "taken hostage" by the Demon Lord, Ms. Oka attempted to "save" her, only for her to not recognize her and attack her due to past with the elves. Over the years, Ms. Oka seems to have mostly given up on Sophia and now considers her an enemy.
She tried to bring him to the elf's village multiple times but ultimately failed as Wrath himself knows the truth behind the elf's motive. Like Sophia, Filimos was shown to be greatly tormented and confused by Wraths actions due to her ignorance of the state of the world. Upon encountering him again in the Elf Village, Filimos was shown to regard him as an enemy.
Wakaba Hiiro was one of Oka's students during their first life. As many of reincarnation was scattered across, including some in conflict prone areas, became children of nobles or went missing, there was several reincarnation Filimøs wasn't able to reach or bring under her protection, one of them was Kumoko.
Spoilers for Light Novel Volume 5
It was revealed Kumoko was the reincarnation of Wakaba Hiiro who was still alive, much to the great surprise of Filimøs. She had given up searching for her as her name was marked off in her special skill she used to find her students, which typically means they are already dead.
Schlain is one of the Reincarnations and one of Oka's students. Like all her students, Filimos greatly cares about him and tries to guide and help him as much as she can. Schlain in turn has shown to greatly care about her and generally gives her the benefit of the doubt in regards to her explanations and words.
Like al Reincarnation, Filimos cares for Karnatia and tries to protect her with the best of her abilities as her duty as their former teacher. Karnatia in turn has shown to be in a more or less amicable with her former teacher and refers to her in her previous name as "Oka" during their time in the Academy. However as seen in their interactions regarding to Filimos's actions and secrets, Karnatia herself is shown to not trust Filimos much, this is seen where unlike with Schlain, who gives her the benefit of the doubt, Karnatia herself holds much suspicion regarding Oka and questions her and her intentions internally.
Elf Village Reincarnations
Upon reincarnating and seeing the possible deaths of her former students using her unique skill, Oka immediately set out to her work to "save" her former students by working together with the Elves to bring them under protection by having them be brought to the elf village, successful acquiring elven of them. However despite her good intentions to "protect" them, Oka herself in the end may have caused more harm than good due to the Elves using various, primarily murderous and illegal methods to gain the Reincarnates. This is seen where it was implied and later confirmed that the Elves may have personally killed the reincarnations new families to abduct them, bought them from slavery upon pressuring their family's and even outright kidnapped them while they were infants that later caused the elves to create a child trafficking global organization to hide their tracks. And unknowingly to Oka herself, she may have even caused some of the reincarnations to die themselves due to the Elves having killed or attempted to kill a few of them due to their unique skills and abilities being a danger to Potimas. And upon them being brought to the Elf village, raised in total isolation, forced to live under the constant watch and their movements and activities monitored and limited by the elves, many of them ended up resenting and even outright hating her.
Sachi Kudo
Due to the suspicious circumstances of how the Reincarnates were brought to the Elf Village, Sachi herself personally disliked Oka despite her good intentions and considers herself and the other reincarnations as victims of kidnapping. As seen in their interactions, Sachi herself makes a point of making her hostility and dislike for her known, with Filimos herself not bothering to defend herself due to Sachi being technically right to suspect the Elves of something malignant and she herself knowing that they used malignant means to abduct the reincarnates.
Filimøs is respected by the other elves simply due to being a direct offspring of their patriarch. In turn, she is grateful to them for helping her secure her students. However, it is evident that Filimøs herself does not fully trust the elves due to their arrogant disposition towards other races. She also remains oblivious to the malignant means they used to get the Reincarnations or that they killed those they deemed to be too dangerous.
Potimas Harnifenas
As his daughter, Oka knows Potimas well enough to know that he wouldn't spare the lives of the reincarnations out of kindness. She says that they never really had a familial relationship, and simply use each other.[3] However, she remains ignorant to the true depths of his megalomania.


As an elf, Filimøs displays a high aptitude towards magic. Using her knowledge of fantasy novels from her past life and her matured mentality from being an adult, she display a high competency and flexibility when using magic. Furthermore, due to her work with elves in infiltration, she is also adapted in combat and able to hold her ground against stronger opponents.

  • Elf Physiology: Elves have naturally a slow rate of aging and a longer lifespan than most humanoid beings.
  • Has a secret method for deleting another person's skills. When used, some of Oka's own skills are lost, and she falls into a deep sleep or potentially dies.[4]
  • Born with the Student Roster skill, which tells her basic information about each of the other reincarnations. It tells her where they where born, the state of their health, and predicts the time and means of their deaths. She cannot explain anything about the Student Roster without bringing harm to the student that heard it.[5]
  • Has a Skill Search ability as a result of Ruler authority.[6]


  • According to D, Filimøs has the smallest chest in the series. Ariel and Sue are second and third place respectively.
  • According to D, she tampered with Filimøs's Student Roster information somewhat.


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