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Fiel is the playful and rowdy one of the taratect sisters. She tends to get carried away but is often stopped by Ael before she does anything she'll regret.


Fiel wears a wide one-piece dress with large frills and an overcoat that covers most of the dress. She has long black hair and was given animal ears and a tail when Shiraori designed her outfit and skin, mostly due to her curious and rambunctious behavior. Her eyes are a bright gold-amber.


Fiel is the curious and playful member of the taratect sisters. She will often engage in reckless activity and push the limits of what is acceptable to do, such as somewhat roughly playing with Shiraori's head. She also likes to play pranks. Of all the sisters, Fiel is the least likely to understand norms, often going a bit too far. Ael often needs to reprimand her, but this does not discourage Fiel in the slightest. In a way, Fiel being the one to push limits is a way for the other two sisters to learn.





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