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You are simply being dishonest with Master. And I am simply faithful to Master’s decrees.

— Felmina to Sophia[1]

Felmina (フェルミナ) is Shiraori's hard-working secretary and, more appropriately, the vice-commander of the Tenth Demon Army.[2]


Felmina, much like Balto, is a hard worker who has to work for their superiors' loads.

She is bothered by the fact that the Hero is stronger than her.[3]


Felmina is originally a young lady from a good family. After taking action in order to try to remove Sophia who was doing whatever she likes in the Demon Academy, she was condemned by Sophia’s followers. After losing her social position she was picked up by Shiraori and reforged, and appointed as a subordinate. Due to that sequence of events she hates Sophia. While she is grateful towards Shiro she is unable to honestly respect her considering the current situation of the demons. Due to having an incomplete understanding of the current situation, she is similar to Balto in having stomach pains every day. She is capable but tends not to stand out much.[4]


Felmina when appraised by Sophia, Sophia reacts by saying「What the, how did your status values reach around 2500?」inferring Femina’s status to be around 2500.[5]

Felmina is described to have an easily missable presence.[6]

Felmina being an ex-noble is highly capable of formally debating in a conference.[7]

Fights using chakrams.[8][9] Would lose to Shun in a direct fight.[3]


Mutual dislike and allies. Felmina and Sophia first met when the latter enrolled into the Demon Academy as a new student. The two didn't get along from the beginning, with Sophia unwillingly attracting the attention of Felmina's fiancé, Wald, causing her to get on the vampire's case. When Sophia (unknowingly) put the boys under the Charmed status effect by drinking their blood, Felmina recognized the threat she posed and tried to pull some strings to get rid of her, but failed when Wald framed her and had her expelled from the academy. She and Sophia would meet again as soldiers of the 10th Army led by Shiro.
Since Felmina still holds a grudge against Sophia for indirectly stealing her fiancé, getting her expelled and disowned by her family, she is delighted whenever Shiro uses the curse she inflicted on Sophia to discipline her and make her prostrate. Despite that, she admits that the vampire is really gifted, both in academics and combat, and that her looks are so exceptional even she isn't indifferent to them.[10]
Wald Atmos
Felmina and Wald were engaged to be married in an arrangement planned out by their respective noble families since early childhood. As such, the two of them have known each other since they were young and became close friends with each other. Felmina herself stated that despite their arrangement being that of marriage, she and Wald never developed any romantic between each other, with her stating that it was purely a business relationship that would have benefited them both. She also stated that the main reason why she never felt any form of attraction towards Wald despite his good looks and high capability was due to his competitiveness and excessive pride he would hide behind a fake generous persona, with her finding these traits of his unattractive. And due to her having known him for so long, she herself stated that their relationship was closer to that of siblings rather than husband and wife. However despite this, Felmina herself was still appreciative of his intellect and capability and respected him for his abilities and deemed that if everything had gone according to plan, she and him would have lived a fulfilling life together.
However this all changed when Sophia transferred into the Demon Academy. While she and Wald had originally planned to approach her under a friendly façade to figure out her secrets and maintain the hierarchy of the academy to the newcomer, both Wald and Felmina soon found out how difficult Sophia was as she easily brushed aside any subtle attempt for them to undermine or manipulate her with her sarcastic personality and immense academic and martial talent that easily surpassed them. Due to Sophia's popularity and her gradual control over the student body of the school using her [Charm] Skill, Felmina soon found herself at odds against Wald himself when he fell in love with her due to Felmina beginning to see her as a threat, leading to the deterioration of their relationship as Felmina attempted to remove Sophia from power and if possible kill her, which in turn caused Wald to plot and successfully remove Felmina from the Demon High Society by getting her disowned by her family and getting her expelled from the Academy in order to protect Sophia.
Currently the two of them are operating together within the 10th Demon Army, however there is still active tension between Wald and Felmina as the latter has not forgiven the former for his actions against her yet. Additionally, Wald himself has now become completely desperate and willing to do anything that may make Sophia's opinion of him higher, no matter how troublesome or demeaning the task, which only makes Felmina respect him even less.
When Felmina had just been expelled from the academy and disowned by her family, her father nevertheless recommended her to Shiraori, his successor as the 10th commander of the demon army who accepted. Ever since then, Felmina has served her as her vice-commander. She is immensely grateful to Shiraori for taking her in, as she was sure to die miserably otherwise. She respectfully refers to her as "Master".


  • Shiro trained Felmina in espionage.[6]


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