You are simply being dishonest with Master. And I am simply faithful to Master’s decrees.

— Felmina to Sophia[1]

Felmina (フェルミナ) is Shiraori's hard-working secretary and, more appropriately, the vice-commander of the Tenth Demon Army.[2]


Felmina, much like Balto, is a hard worker who has to work for their superiors' loads.

She is bothered by the fact that the Hero is stronger than her.[3]


Felmina is originally a young lady from a good family. After taking action in order to try to remove Sophia who was doing whatever she likes in the Demon Academy, she was condemned by Sophia’s followers. After losing her social position she was picked up by Shiraori and reforged, and appointed as a subordinate. Due to that sequence of events she hates Sophia. While she is grateful towards Shiro she is unable to honestly respect her considering the current situation of the demons. Due to having an incomplete understanding of the current situation, she is similar to Balto in having stomach pains every day. She is capable but tends not to stand out much.[4]


Felmina when appraised by Sophia, Sophia reacts by saying「What the, how did your status values reach around 2500?」inferring Femina’s status to be around 2500.[5]

Felmina is described to have an easily missable presence.[6]

Felmina being an ex-noble is highly capable of formally debating in a conference.[7]

Fights using chakrams.[8][9] Would lose to Shun in a direct fight.[3]


Attracted to her beauty, but frustrated by her childishness.[10]


  • Shiro trained Felmina in espionage.[6]


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