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Feirune "Fei", formerly Shinohara Mirei (漆原美麗), is one of the reincarnated students from Japan.[1] She herself was reborn the pet Earth Wyrm of one of her former classmates.[2]


Mirei Shinohara

In her past life, Shinohara Mirei was described as being the most popular girl in class. In the anime, she is characterised as having a chin length bob haircut, slender figure and bright pink polish on her fingernails.

After reincarnating, Feirune was reborn as a Wyrm about the size of a small lizard. As she evolved, though, her size gradually increased, first to that of a large dog and later to the point that she no longer fits in a room. Her upper body had dark blue skin and the lower part light yellow. She also had some blue dots on her back, the tip of her tail, and her ears. Her eyes are purple and she has three little horns on her head.

After evolving into a high-ranking Light Wyrm, Feirune's appearance greatly changed. She grew noticibly larger, capable of carrying Shun's entire party on her back, and her entire body is covered in white feathers. Her horns are also no longer visible and she possesses a pair of wings that enable her to fly.

When she uses the Light Wyrm's Humanification ability, she transforms to look like an angel with pale skin, white hair and wings; some scales and feathers remain on her body.[3] Much of her pre-reincarnated appearance remains, in a similar fashion to Shiraori and Wrath.

Monster file

The special evolved form of the reincarnation Fei, due to her contract with the hero Shun. While still possessing the powers she had as an Earth Wyrm, she gains the Light attribute and wings. Because she is a reincarnation, her powers exceed those of a dragon, despite her being only a wyrm.

Character File

A wyrm who was hatched from an earth wyrm egg given to the Analeit royal family. She is a reincarnation who retains the memories of her past life as Mirei Shinohara, a high school student in Japan. During her past life, she was essentially the leader of the girls in class, but for some reason, she was reborn as a wyrm instead of a human. In the egg, she was being incubated by the magic provided by her parents, but she was separated from them at some point and so took several extra years to hatch. After she emerged from her egg, she lived as Shun's pet, but when Shun became the hero, she underwent a special evolution and became a Light Wyrm.


A true hero always shows up late!

— Feirune, arriving to Shun's aid [4]

Fei's personality is what you expect out of a typical high-school girl: she is very proactive and wants to stand out in her group of friends. She was very proud of her appearance as a human and was considered one of the prettiest in the class, fuelling her pride. On Earth she was always the center of attention in her class, but was jealous of Wakaba Hiiro,[5] who was generally regarded as the “queen” of the class. Even so, Fei had a large group of friends, and tended to bully Wakaba, who was a loner.

She enjoys her new, carefree life as a monster, though as she spends time with Shun and his family she gets a sense of needing to grow. She spends much of her time either contemplating or hunting to gain levels in order to evolve and secure a greater lifespan. During times of contemplation, she goes through a period of self-reflection in which she regrets her bullying of Wakaba Hiiro, especially since she feels as if she lost her chance to apologize and make amends. This reflection leads her into being extremely empathetic of others and an advocate against bullying and harassment, as seen when she helps Anna in the Elf Village.



Shinohara bullying Wakaba Hiiro in their past lives

In her previous life, Shinohara Mirei was known as the "leader" of the girls in her class, being both pretty and sociable. At some point, she developed a crush on a upperclassman and eventually managed to muster up the courage to confess to her. Unfortunately, he rejected her as he himself already had a crush on one of her classmates: Wakaba Hiiro, known as the "queen" of the class due to her otherworldly beauty. Angered and humiliated, Shinohara began bullying Wakaba to vent her frustrations. However, each time the latter simply replied by glaring at her like she was not "worth" her attention. This, unfortunately, only angered her even more and prompted her to bully her even harder to try to get her to "look" at her. At some point, however, Shinohara's friends, Aiko and Kumiko, managed to convince her to stop, sensing that there was something "otherworldly" about Wakaba and that going any further might be dangerous.

One day, during physics class, a mysterious explosion occurred and killed Shinohara alongside her entire class. Afterward, she found himself reincarnated in the body of an earth wyrm. However, since wyrms needed to be incubated with magic power, she was stuck as an egg and did not hatch until six years after all the other reincarnations had been born.


Volume 1

Feirune was reincarnated as a dragon egg that was found in the Great Elroe Labyrinth by adventurers after they burned a certain spider's nest. She hatched with the Petrification Resistance skill as a result of her rough treatment as an egg.[6]

The egg was given to Shun and Sue as a gift in commemoration of their Appraisal Ceremony, an important event for nobles in the Kingdom of Analeit. When it hatched in front of the siblings, Shun proceeded to name her “Feirune”, as a reference to one of the most beautiful areas of a video game he once played in his past life.[7] Realizing Shun and Katia was also her classmates from Japan, she obtained telepathy via the skill encyclopedia[8] which enabled her to communicate to Shun to reveal her identity.[9]

Volume 2

She entered the Analeit Royal Academy as Shun's familiar[10] and lived a mundane life for some time there. She went to kill monsters with some support in order to evolve to increase her lifespan.[11] During her time there, she went to assist on to assist Shun in his fight and defeat an Earth Wyrm during Hugo's attempt in ravaging the academy. She also came into a contract with Shun around that time.[12] While questioning Ms. Oka about which reincarnations are still out there, she announced that 4 are dead, one of which being Wakaba Hiiro — a person who was bullied by Fei in the previous world. As a result of this information Feirune had mixed feelings of guilt about her. [13]

Volume 3

When Shun became the Hero, Feirune suddenly became an egg again.[14] A few months later, she hatched as a Light Wyrm.[15] As a result of her evolution she gained the Humanification Skill giving her the option to freely transform between the forms. During the journey to the Elf Village when the group was entering the Great Elroe Labyrinth it was revealed that she can't swim. When the time came to leave the labyrinth she assisted the process by flying the party outside. When entering human settlements she hid her wings by wrapping them around herself and donning a cloak. Ms. Oka has explained to her and the rest of the party that the Administrators forced people to fight using the System to gather the force for themselves when an entity died.

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 14

As shun lost consciousness from the pain of unlocking the <Taboo> skill, Fei moved to defend his body alongside the rest of her comrades. Still shocked at seeing Wakaba, she demanded she explain how she is still alive. However, Wakaba just stated that doing so would be "too much of a pain". Wrath then released a huge amount of killing intent that threatened Fei and the others into surrendering and Wakaba then had him and Sophia escort them away from the battlefield, effectively taking them out of the remainder of the Elf Village Battle.


Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
Shinohara did not interact much with Yamada in their previous lives.
After reincarnating as his pet Wyrm, Feirune naturally grew close to Shun, her owner, and displayed her loyalty to him on multiple occasions. In turn, though, she often demands his attention. However, despite her closeness, Feirune remains steadfast that she has no romantic interest in Shun, although he did once tease Katia that she almost fell for the prince before learning his identity.
Karnatia "Katia" Seri Anabald
Shinohara did not interact much with Ooshima in their previous lives.
After reincarnating, Feirune became close to Katia and was the first to accept her gender change, before even she herself did, as seen in how she trusted her to help pick her clothes after she gained a human form. She also regularly teases her about her obvious crush on Shun, although she also wishes she would just confess already.
Filimøs "Oka" Harrifenas
Because of her habit to slack off in class, Shinohara never got along with with her homeroom teacher, Ms. Oka.
Upon meeting again after reincarnating, Feirune was impressed that Filimøs deduced her identity despite being a Wyrm, but also felt embarrassed about her seeing her current form. Overall, the two did not interact much, although Feirune did not seem to have any suspicions toward Filimøs and even trusted her to help pick her clothes after she gained a human form.
After the conclusion of the main story, Fei would continue to remain close with Filimøs, regularly visiting her, due to both being reincarnated as longer-lived races.
Anna is one of Shun's maids and the person who oversaw Feirune's training, referring to her as “Demon Coach” due to how overly strict she was. Still, Feirune has grown to greatly care for Anna, quickly coming to her aid when a group of Elves were harassing her for being a half-Elf. Feirune even trusted her to help pick her clothes after she gained a human form.
Aiko Iijima & Kumiko Tonooka
Aiko and Himiko were Shinohara's best friends in her previous life, with them ultimately having been the ones to convince her to stop bullying Wakaba.
Upon reuniting at the Elf Village after their reincarnations, they shared a happy reunion, with the two being impressed by Feirune's wings.
Sachi Kudo
Because of her habit to slack off in class, Shinohara never got along with with her class rep, Sachi Kudo. Upon reuniting at the Elf Village after their reincarnations, they almost immediately got into an argument, with Sachi not even attempting to hide her distain for her while Fei herself just ignored her.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
Shinohara and Natsume actually seemed to get along pretty well in their previous lives, with the former being the leader of the girls in the class and the latter being the same for the boys. However, after reincarnating, Feirune revealed to Shun that they were, in fact, never friends.:
After Hugo tried assassinate Shun, Fei now views him as an enemy.
Sophia Keren
Shinohara did not interact much with Negishi in their previous lives.
The instant Fei laid eyes on Sophia, Feirune was able to instinctively sense the sheer difference in their strengths and thus did not even try fighting her, instead fleeing where possible and even pleading for mercy when all other options had been exhausted.
Despite their previous animosity, after the conclusion of the main story, Fei and Sophia would actually grow closer, due to both being reincarnated as longer-lived races.
Wakaba Hiiro
In their previous lives, Shinohara bullied Wakaba as she was rejected by her crush due to him already having feelings for her. However, Wakaba would always just give her a stare that said that “she was not even worth her time”, which only angered Shinohara more.
After reincarnating, Fei saw becoming a Wyrm as karmic punishment for her actions and resolved to apologize to Wakaba should they meet, causing her to be distraught upon learning she had supposedly died. Because of this, Fei was shocked to find that Wakaba was, in fact, still alive upon meeting her at the climax of the Elf Village Battle.

Powers & Abilities

Unlike most reincarnates, Feirune does not have a unique skill. Instead, her bonus as a reincarnation comes from her being a Wyrm, one of the strongest types of monsters. After evolving into a Light Wyrm, Fei is stated to be the strongest member in Shun's party, capable of fighting fully grown Dragons head-on, causing the Hero to outright call her a “cheater”. Despite this, though, her lack of practical battle experience means that her strength is still far inferior compared to the other monster reincarnates.

Titles & Skills

  • n% I = W: A unique skill shared by all reincarnations; it restores her HP, MP, and SP upon leveling up.
  • Telepathy: Allows her to communicate with others through their minds.
  • Humanification: Allows her to freely switch between her dragon and humanoid form. However, it is not 100% perfect as she retains her wings, fangs and claws, along with some scales. Also, this only changes her shape, not her mass, as she weighs the same as in her dragon form. To compensate for that, she uses weight magic to lower her weight to that of a normal human while in human form.
  • Light Attack: Allows her to shoot a beam of light magic from her mouth by using MP.
  • Magic Power Perception & Magic Power Operation: Allows her to perceive and control magic power.
    • Weight Magic: Allows her to control weight. She primarily uses it on herself to lower her weight to that of a normal human whilst in her human form.
  • Hard Armor & Steel Body: Increases her defense, to the point she can take an attack from an earth dragon head-on.

Other Abilities

  • Physical Stats: She is the strongest member of Shun's party, capable to taking an earth dragon's attack head-on with her bare hands.
  • Flight: After evolving into a Light Wyrm, she became capable of flight through her wings and immediately displayed strong mastery over it, being able to dodge and outmaneuver surface-to-air magic.
  • Instincts: As a Wyrm, she has superior senses compared to a human, being able to sense someone's strength just by looking at them without needing to use [Appraisal].
  • Intelligence: As noted by Shun, Fei's greatest advantage over other monsters is that she maintains her intelligence from her time as a human, allowing her to use abilities that normal low-rank monsters would have been too dumb for.
Monster Encyclopedia: File 12
Light Wyrm LV1 Skill Points: 0 Feirune
HP 3,489
MP 3,433
SP 3,481
Average Offense Ability : 3,562
Average Defense Ability : 3,601
Average Magic Ability : 3,411
Average Resistance Ability : 3,478
Average Speed Ability : 3,464
Stat & Ability Skills
HP Rapid Recovery LV3  •  MP Rapid Recovery LV1  •  MP Minimized Consumption LV1  •  SP Rapid Recovery LV2  •  Ultimate Life LV1  •  Ultimate Magic LV1  •  Ultimate Movement LV1  •  Fortune LV1  •  Fortitude LV2  •  Stronghold LV2  •  Deva LV1  •  Sanctum LV1  •  Skanda LV1
Attack Skills
Light Attack LV1  •  Earth Super-Attack LV3  •  Heavy Super-Attack LV2  •  Magic Power Attack LV7  •  Energy Attack LV6
Enhancement Skills
Light Enhancement LV1  •  Earth Super-Enhancement LV6  •  Heavy Super-Enhancement LV1  •  Destruction Super-Enhancement LV3  •  Cutting Enhancement LV8
Active Skills
Flight LV1  •  Magic Power Conferment LV7  •  Mental Warfare LV7  •  Energy Conferment LV7  •  Telepathy LV5  •  Spatial Maneuvering LV4  •  Camouflage LV2  •  Intimidation LV1  •  Clairvoyance LV4
Leadership Skills
Cooperation LV 10  •  Leadership LV2
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10  •  Hit LV10  •  Evasion LV10  •  Probability Correction LV4  •  Thought Acceleration LV2  •  Foresight LV1  •  Danger Perception LV10  •  Presence Perception LV10
Magic Skills
Precise Magic Power Operation LV1  •  Earth Magic LV10  •  Terrain Magic LV8  •  Heretic Magic LV4  •  Poison Magic LV1  •  Healing Magic LV10  •  Heavy Magic LV8
Resistance Skills
Destruction Resistance LV4  •  Cutting Resistance LV4  •  Impact Resistance LV4  •  Piercing Resistance LV4  •  Shock Resistance LV4  •  Fire Resistance LV4  •  Water Resistance LV6  •  Ice Resistance LV5  •  Wind Resistance LV4  •  Terrain Nullification  •  Lightning Resistance LV4  •  Heavy Resistance LV8  •  Acid Resistance LV4  •  Holy Light Nullification  •  Dark Resistance LV4  •  Status Condition Resistance LV4  •  Faint Resistance LV7  •  Fear Super-Resistance LV3
Passive Skills
Stealth LV10  •  Pain Nullification  •  Imperial Scales LV5  •  Hard Armor LV2  •  Steel Body LV2  •  Iron Defense LV10  •  Shieldsmanship LV10  •  Pain Super-Mitigation LV3  •  Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV2  •  Vision Expansion LV1  •  Night Vision LV2  •  Athletics LV4
Other Skills
Light Wyrm LV9  •  Earth Wyrm LV9  •  Overeating LV3  •  Taboo LV4  •  n% I = W


  • In the light novel, Fei is described to have a black-like-night body, instead of the blueish purple shown in the anime.
  • Fei is named after one of the most beautiful areas of a game Schlain used to play.[2]
  • Feirune is the last of the reincarnations to be born, due to having been inside of her egg for 8 years.[16]
  • Mirei was reincarnated as a human in the web novel, hence Feirune is a light novel exclusive character.
  • While D stated that each reincantor was reborn as the race that most matches their soul, it seems Fei is an exception, with her reicarnating her as a wyrm, a species she looks down on, as payback for bullying Wakaba.
  • The manga volumes have 4 special chapters that show Fei's early days on the Great Elroe Labyrinth as an egg and her first days in Analeit.
    • Unknown to Fei herself, she had come into contact with Hiro Wakaba herself due to the both of them being reborn inside the Great Elroe Labyrinth and Kumoko herself having unknowingly collected her egg while in the Labyrinth.
  • Yen Press has incorrectly translated Fei's race, light wyrm (光竜), as light dragon (光龍).


Light Novel




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