Potimas, the elf patriarch

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An elf (plural: elves) is a type of humanoid being from the other world. They are generally characterised by their blond hair, fair skin and long pointy ears. Not much is known about the elves, except that they are secluded in the Elf Village, which is located in the Great Garam Forest.

They play a neutral role in the war between humans and Demon, advocating for peace. They have sympathizers among both humans and Demon, such as Leston and Agner, respectively.

General Information

Elves age live longer and age slower than humans: Filimøs' grandparent is the eldest in the village at 500 years old.[1] Due to their slow rate of aging, elven children look younger than they are.[2] Elves are also very proficient in magic.[3]

The elves have been collecting reincarnations, protecting eleven of them in the village.[4] According to Oka, this is to both keep them safe, and to make it so they don't have to accumulate levels in order to act against the administrators.[5]


One of reason elves are seen as a pacifist and peaceful race, because their beliefs that the adminstrators of the world forces demons and humans against each to fight in order to gain more power.

Elves are seen as nationalistic and prideful, they have a warped outlook of the world, they see other races as vulgar and inferior, this is due to their indoctrinated starting from a young age. Because of this, they have shown violence and prejudice against half-elves and contempt against other races.

In reality, all of the elves are basically slaves to the patriarch Potimas, who sees them as mere tools.

As stated by Oka, the Elves believe that the Administrators who govern and oversee the System of the World as malignant God like beings that siphon energy from the World's populace for their own selfish, malignant goals. Given Potimas's direct hand and being ultimately the one responsible for causing the collapse of the world, its likely that this mentality was created by him in order to insure the Elves antagonism towards his enemies due to Güliedistodiez, Sariel, Ariel and later Shiraori's personal hatred and contempt for him and them seeing him their enemy and have the elves help him fend off their numerous attempts to finally kill him.

This mentality and ingrained antagonism towards the Administrators was shown to be deeply ingrained into the minds of all the Elves and acts as one of their motivations to helping Potimas.

Notable Elves


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