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The Elf Village is the one and only home of the elves. It is ruled by Patriach Potimas.

General Information

The Great Garam Forest that surrounds the village is one of the five locations that a Queen Taratect calls home. This is only possible due to an impenetrable barrier surrounding the village. The area covered would take an entire day to travel from one end to the other.

As a consequence of their seclusion, the elves have made their village completely self-sustainable, with cropland and irrigation systems a-plenty.

The Elf Village itself is covered in a powerful large scale barrier that is even strong enough to keep someone like Ariel from entering, effectively making the village near impenetrable. As revealed by Filimøs, in the entire history of the village, there has been no successfully invasion of the village thanks to this barrier.

Like elves from fantasy, they have woven their homes from trees. The branches and trunks have been twisted and turned into small, elegant homes.

Major Spoilers: Elven Secrets The Elf Village is also home to most of the ancient, MA-draining technology left on the planet. Potimas makes full use of these facilities to conduct experiments in his quest for immortality. One of those experiments involves gathering the reincarnations and experimenting on them. Filimøs is manipulated and kept in the dark about this, being one of them herself.


Main Elf Village

This is where the majority of elves lived. Many of their homes are built into gigantic trees, where the interior will be hollowed out.

Reincarnations' Area

Located in a small clearing some distance away from the main village. Is a farm tended by the reincarnations gathered by Filimøs.[1] The reincarnations live self-sufficiently, growing vegetables and raising livestock. Initially, the elves had a strong presence when the reincarnations were too young, but they slowly transitioned to just monitoring and providing supplies.[2]

Notable Residents



  • Wanting to keep an eye on Potimas, Ariel had one of her Queen Taratects stationed in the forest in near the village as a deterrent against him.


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