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Earth Dragon Gakia was the eldest and strongest of the earth dragons in the Great Elroe Labyrinth, residing in the Bottom Stratum. When Demon Lord Ariel investigated the death of the Queen Taratect that was killed in the Bottom Stratum, Gakia and his earth dragon underlings confronted her with knowledge about Kumoko, stating that the old must make way for the new. Ariel, already enraged by Kumoko, attacked them, promising to devour them.[1]

Despite the huge difference in status and abilities between them, the dragons occupied Ariel for a long time, enough for Kumoko to be revered as the Divine Beast in Sariella and a war to break out between Ohts and Sariella. Eventually, Gakia and the rest of the dragons succumbed to Ariel.[1]

Gakia and the rest of the earth dragons' corpses were a gift from Güliedistodiez to Kumoko as a reward for surviving Ariel's surprise attack for interfering with Kumoko against D's wishes. Their corpses provided sustenance to fuel Kumoko's final evolution, the Arachne.[2] In the anime, the evolution was only necessary when Ariel had just killed Gakia thanks to one of Kumoko's parallel minds, as Ariel's merger with one of Kumoko's parallel minds was one of the factors for Kumoko to evolve into Arachne.[3]


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