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Dustin LXI is the 57th pontiff of the Word of God Religion[1]


Dustin appears as a wizened old man who wears saintly religious garb that befits his position of pontiff. Though getting on in years, he carries himself with dignity and poise, never faltering or hesitating in front of his opponents or the members of his church.

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The 57th pontiff of the Word of God religion. He has another name, but he cast it aside when he became the pontiff. An elderly man who stands at the very top of the world's largest religion. Followers venerate him as the person closest to God. However, the truth is that he is a realist who is using that religion to manipulate humanity from behind the scenes. He has a certain coldheartedness, in that he will do anything for his ultimate purpose of protecting humanity, even if it means sacrificing the few so that the many might live. As the Ruler of Temperance, he will be reborn with his memories intact even if he is killed. He has used this power to continue to control the Word of God religion for many long years. His mental fortitude is so monstrous that he can stand on equal footing with some of the world's most powerful beings, including Ariel and Potimas.


Dustin is a shrewd man. One should not let his appearance fool them, the pontiff of the Word of God always puts humanity before himself. He does not hesitate to battle gods to achieve his goal of saving humanity. At the same time, he is a schemer, and attempts to stay one step ahead of his opposition with plans that he has been building for hundreds of years. Dustin is also not afraid to sacrifice himself for his goals, and this makes him a truly terrifying person.

He is willing to sacrifice anything if he can accomplish his mission of saving the humans. Due to that strong will, he has been acting for a long time. While being the head of a religion that worships god, he is a cool-headed statesman who will not even hesitate to kill a god. Even Güliedistodiez and Ariel admit that mentally he is a monster.[2]


Despite the contradictory nature and the hostility displayed by the regions they rule, they both greatly respect each other, both as adversaries and acquaintances. They have on numerous occasions put aside their differences and worked together as allies. Ariel is one of the few beings that know Dustin's true nature and history.
Potimas Harrifenas
Due to their long and complicated history with each other, Dustin LXI display an antagonistic attitude towards Potimas and his elves. Due to the situation of the planet being ultimately being Potimas’s fault, Dustin holds a deep resentments towards him and like Ariel, longs for the day when he can finally kill him. As shown from Dustin happily giving his and the Church’s assistance to Ariel and White’s plan to kill Potimas and his elves.
Julius Zagan Analeit
Dustin and Julius were associates due to the Word of God always lending its support to the Hero. While he admitted that the boy had a good heart, he also lamented the fact that he was ultimately powerless in front of the likes of Ariel and Potimas. He also took advantage of the boy on multiple occasions, causing their relationship to become strained. However, Dustin knew exactly how to manipulate Julius: by letting him make his own decisions, yet also making sure he could not refuse him. After learning that the Hero title actually drew it's power from the planet's MA Energy, though, Dustin turned on Julius without hesitation.
Dustin first learned about the Nightmare of the Labyrinth following its appearance in Keren County and used it to initiate a war between Sariella and Ohts. He later learns the creature was a rogue taratect and grew intrigued with its relationship with Ariel. The two finally had their first interaction during the preparation to deal with the G-Fleet, also known as the UFO.[3] Over the years, Dustin has come to greatly respect Shiraori, believing that it was thanks the appearance of her and the other reincarnations that their world, which had been in a state of limbo for so long, had begun "moving forward" again.
Although Dustin never actually met D, he did learn about her from Güliedistodiez.


Dustin took the role of the pontiff of the Word of God religion, since the calamity that befell the world so long ago. He kept the role of the pontiff through multiple lifetimes using his Temperance Ruler Skill.


As the Ruler of Temperance, he will be reborn with his memories intact even if he is killed. Knowing secrets long before how the world end up in its current situation. Despite displaying no magical and physical abilities in the series, Dustin is one of the most powerful people in the world, due to his political influence and legions of loyal followers he commands.

  • Masterful Tactician: As the leader of the largest human religion in the world, Dustin holds significant sway and influence over the human population that he watches over. His vast and well-connected network of spies and informants, ensure any major event won't go unnoticed. He was the mastermind behind the fall of Keren County and assisted in the coup in neighboring Kingdom of Analeit. He also committed revision of numerous historical events to further cement his authority.
  • Masterful Orator: Ariel once mused how brilliant Dustin was to be able to exploit and manipulate the masses using his speech and guidance.
  • Mental Fortitude: Arguably his greatest ability, he is often admired and feared for his to focus and commitment on and execute solutions when in the face of uncertainty or adversity, especially regarding the survival of humanity.


WN-S34: Turning Point
Human LV1 Skill Points: 0 Dustin
HP 34
MP 29
SP 21
Average Offense Ability : 27
Average Defense Ability : 25
Average Magic Ability : 33
Average Resistance Ability : 34
Average Speed Ability : 23
SP Lessened Consumption LV4 • Magic Power Perception LV3 • Magic Power Operation LV3 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Super-Acceleration LV2 • Foresight LV8 • High-Speed Processing LV10 • Record LV10 • Cooperation LV2 • Leadership LV3 • Fartalk LV2 • Appraisal LV10 • Harmony • Light Magic LV3 • Holy Light Magic LV1 • Healing Magic LV3 • Miracle Magic LV1 • Poison Resistance LV8 • Exhaustion Nullification • Pain Nullification LV10 • Pain Mitigation LV2 • Vision Enhancement LV3 • Auditory Enhancement LV3 • Olfactory Enhancement LV2 • Taste Enhancement LV1 • Tactile Enhancement LV1 • Life LV5 • Magic Mass LV4 • Instantaneous LV2 • Persistent LV2 • Strength LV2 • Solidity LV2 • Technique User LV3 • Protection LV3 • Running LV2 • Dignity LV4 • Temperance • Taboo LV10
Ruler of Temperance • Reincarnated One • Leader • King • Rescuer • Saint


    • His name translates to Dustin XXXXXXI in his official Japanese light novel illustration, even though this is incorrect.
    • This was subsequently fixed with the release of Volume 6 in English


Light Novel


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