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Dragons encompasses a powerful race of reptilian monsters found in the other world. All dragons (龍) are born as wyrms (竜), and only become dragons after evolving several times. Although wyrms are considered sub-dragons, some can be just as strong as dragons.[1] Becoming a dragon means becoming a new species, of which the individual is the only member.[2]



Fire wyrms.png

Fire dragons by nature are immune to heat and fire, they are capable of submerging themselves in lava without harming themselves. For some unspecified reason the fire wyrms that inhabit the Great Elro Labyrinth's middle stratum look like aquatic animals.[3]


Earth wyrm.png

Earth dragons are known for their natural defensive abilities and noble personalities. Some of them appear mammal-like by appearance only.

  • Elroe Kolift: Unevolved earth wyrms. Black, wingless and chameleon-sized, with a life span of around ten years.[13]
    • Elroe Kolift's two unnamed larger evolutions.
  • Fenerush: Domesticated yet prideful. Used to pull carriages.[14]
  • Fenesist: Similar in shape to a Fenerush, but is capable of magic, making for a powerful mount.[15]
  • Fenegrad: Looks like a t-rex.
  • Ekisa: A young dragon without any particular speciality.[16][17]
  • Fuit: A controlling earth dragon with superb instincts.[18]
  • Gehre: A speed specialist that can attack from unexpected directions.[19][20]
  • Kagna:[21][22] A defence specialist that charges its opponents.[23][20]
  • Araba:[24][25] All-rounder capable of powerful earth magic and strong physical attacks.[26][27]
  • Gakia: The guardian of the Great Elroe Labyrinth's Bottom Stratum, the leader of the Earth Dragons, and the strongest of the Earth Dragons.[28]


Water wyrm.png

Water dragons rule the ocean and will attack anything that tries to travel through their territory even if said outsiders are flying. Some water dragons are amphibious, while others are incapable of breathing outside of water.[29]

  • Suiten:[30][31] Looks like a pufferfish.[32][33]
  • Water wyrm: Looks like a huge shark.[34][35]
  • Water dragon:[36] Looks like a plesiosaur[37]/Loch Ness Monster.[36]
  • Kuragu: A water dragon guarding the underwater entrance of the Great Elroe Labyrinth.[38]
  • Iena: The strongest ancient dragon[39] resembling an eastern-style dragon, who is the guardian of the ocean. Supposedly Ice Dragon Nia's older sister[40]


Wind dragons are known for their speed and the ability to control the weather by manipulating the winds.


Ice dragons similar to the wind dragons are capable of manipulating the weather. Ice dragons can lower the temperature of the area into an extremely cold weather.


Lightning dragons are aggressive and have a weak sense of territories, known for fighting with quick close range attacks.

  • Gouka: An ancient dragon resembling a winged leopard[44]


Light Wyrm Anime.png

A rare type of dragon.

  • Peorat: Palm-sized lizard.[45]
  • Feirune:[46] Born as an earth wyrm, awarded the Light Wyrm skill as a result of being the Hero's familiar.[47]
  • Byaku:[48] Guardian of the Hero Sword.


A rare type of dragon.


Fire Wyrm LV10」」►「Fire Dragon LV10

All wyrms have a Wyrm skill, and all dragons have a Dragon skill.

As the Fire Wyrm skill increases in level, it grants new abilities:

  • Level 1: Fireball Breath[7]
  • Level 2: Heat Wrap: Heats up the users body, increasing movement speed[7]
  • Level 3: Life Exchange. Recovers HP by consuming SP;[9] Dragon Scales[50]
  • Level 4: Flame Breath. Spews flames over a wide range.[9]
  • Level 8: Flame Wrap. Wreathes the user in an intense blaze, improving physical abilities.[51]
  • Level 10: Inferno Breath[51]

Before level 10, Light Wyrm grants the Humanification ability, which gives the user a human body to match their mind.

Dragon Scales LV10」►「Imperial Scales LV10」►「Divine Scales LV10

The Dragon Scales skill is awarded by evolution to Catfish and upgraded to Imperial Scales in Gunesohka. The only known holder of Divine Scales is Araba at level 32.

The Dragon Scales skill causes scales to grow over the creature's body, increasing its defense and resistance abilities by directly interfering with the composition of magic.[7]. Imperial Scales is simply a stronger version of the same effect.[52] On Sophia, Divine Scales has the effect of growing white scales on her body.[53]

Wyrm Barrier LV10」►「 Dragon Barrier LV10」►「Divine Dragon Barrier LV10

These Skills produce a barrier that has similar properties to Dragon Scales. They are only purchasable via Skill Points only after killing a wyrm for non-wyrm species.

The Divine Dragon Barrier is strong enough to even hold back Ariel. Six of the nine earth dragons of the Bottom Stratum have the skill.[54]


  • Dragons have the Dragon title. The Dragon title is the evolution of the Wyrm title.


  • All of the known fully-evolved dragons so far own the Champion title. According to D the title is said to be given to those chosen by the Administrators. It can be assumed that the title were given to them by Administrator Güliedistodiez, due to being his kin and his direct subordinates.
  • Wyrms and Dragons count separately towards hunting titles.
  • Professor Oriza teaches his class about wyrms and dragons.[55]
  • The Wyrm Power skill awarded by the Wyrm Slayer title is an inferior version of Skills like Earth Wyrm
  • The Flame Breath ability can be dispersed by Light Attack.[56]
  • Dragon Scales are eroded by Deadly Poison.[57]
  • The first evolution of Elroe Kolift is approximately three feet long, and has around 700 in each stat.[58]
  • In volume 1-S3, wyrm (竜) was translated as "dragon" and dragon (龍) was translated as "naga".[59]
  • According to Ariel, earth dragons have the blood of samurai. She thinks they're generally the most decent type of dragon.[60]
  • According to Kumoko, earth dragons taste like soil.[61]
  • In the anime, the first Earth wyrm encountered by Schlain is listed as an Earth dragon. This is most likely an error in translation.


Light Novel


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