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Demons are one of the humanoid races found in the other world. They closely resembled humans, they are characterised by their longer lifespan, higher average stats, abilities and possibly slightly more body hair. [1][2]

They are considered an antagonist faction by the humans, especially by the bordering Renxandt Empire, which has regularly engaged in warfare with the Demon Realm, where the majority, if not all, of the demons are located. While they are significantly stronger than humans, they are balanced out by their lower birth rates.


Demons live in a meritocratic, survival of the fittest society, where talent and strength is more valued than birthright and origins. As such, they show absolute loyalty to whomever holds the Demon Lord title. It is observed they live in a mostly agriculturally centred society and economy, due to the vast farmlands they occupy.

Unlike some of the human nations, they do not seem to have a state religion, possibly due to the events that led to the formation of their country.


  • Demons: While closely resembling humans, they are known for their longer life span and higher average stats.
  • Succubi: A subrace of demons that are exceptionally charming and crafty.[3]

Known Individuals

Affiliated Characters

  • Merazophis - Fourth Demon Army Commander
  • Wrath - Eighth Demon Army Commander
  • Black - Ninth Demon Army Commander
  • White - Tenth Demon Army Commander


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