Volume 7

Located at the northern end of the Kasanagara continent, bordering Renxandt Empire and steep peaks of Mystic Mountains, lies the Demon Territory.

Due to constant strife between borderings, there are numerous fortresses that is dotted along the border. Past the fortresses are farmlands and agriculture fields. [1]

General Information

The Demon Territory is run as a feudalistic and a meritocratic system, where the strongest and most talented can easily get promoted. The Demon King holds the highest position available.

Currently, the territory is undergoing a rapid militarisation lead by the current Demon Lord, Ariel.


  • Demon King Castle
  • Magic Academy


There are different races living in the Demon Realm.

  • Demons: While closely resembling humans, they are known for their longer life span and higher average stats.
  • Succubi: A subrace of demons that are exceptionally charming and crafty.[1]
  • Vampires: Vampires are the blood sucking subspecies of humans and demons. They are generally characterised by their pale complexion, aversion to sunlight and the need to suck on blood of living creatures.
  • Oni: A high evolution of goblins. These unique species are characterised by their human like appearance with horns protruding from their forehead.

Notable Residents

  • Ariel - Current Demon Lord
  • Balto Phthalo - Demon Lord's Aide
  • Erguner Ricep - First Demon Army Commander
  • Sanatoria - Second Demon Army Commander
  • Kogou - Third Demon Army Commander
  • Merazophis - Fourth Demon Army Commander
  • Darad - Fifth Demon Army Commander
  • Huey - Sixth Demon Army Commander
  • Bloe Phthalo - Seventh Demon Army Commander, Balto's younger brother
  • Wrath - Eighth Demon Army Commander
  • Kuro - Ninth Demon Army Commander
  • Shiro - Tenth Demon Army Commander
  • Felmina - Tenth Demon Army Vice-Commander
  • Wald Atmos - Tenth Demon Army Soldier


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  1. Volume 1-interlude: The demon lord's aide sighs at a meeting
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