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Dark Dragon Reise is a powerful ancient dragon and protector of the sword of the Demon Lord. Reise has the rare ability to transform into a human, which they use against the other humans to sow discord and steal military intelligence.

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A dark dragon who protects the Sword of the Demon Lord. One of the eldest and strongest of the already powerful dragons. Even without transforming, this dragon already has a humanoid form. as a result, they take unusual battle tactics compared with most dragons, using martial arts and magic. Since Reise was essentially sealed away with the Sword of the Demon Lord in a separate dimension, their level and stats are slightly lower than those of the other ancient dragons. However, they have several skills that would be effective even on gods; thus their total battle capability is no less than the others'. A legendary-class monster, assumed untouchable by humans.





Powers & Abilities


Monster Encyclopedia: File 28
Dark Dragon Reise LV82 Skill Points: 0
HP 11,411
MP 11,408
SP 11,399
Offense : 11,394
Defense : 11,386
Magic : 11,401
Resistance : 11,397
Speed : 11,242
Stat Skills
HP Auto-Recovery LV8 • MP Rapid Recovery LV10 • SP Rapid Recovery LV10 • SP Minimized Consumption LV10 • Ultimate Life LV10 • Ultimate Magic LV10 • Ultimate Movement LV10 • Fortune LV10 • Fortitude LV10 • Stronghold LV10 • Deva LV10 • Sanctum LV10 • Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Super-Attack LV2 • Energy Super-Attack LV2 • Heresy Attack LV10 • Black Attack LV10 • Rot Attack LV4
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV2 • Cutting Super-Enhancement LV4 • Piercing Enhancement LV4 • Shock Enhancement LV5 • Impact Super-Enhancement LV3 • Black Enhancement LV10
Active Skills
Magic Divinity LV3 • Battle Divinity LV3 • Dimensional Manoeuvring LV10
Leadership Skills
Kin Control LV2
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Super-Acceleration LV7 • Future Sight LV7 • Parallel Minds LV7 • High-Speed Processing LV10 • Detection LV4
Magic Skills
Precise Magic Power Operation LV10 • Shadow Magic LV10 • Dark Magic LV10 • Black Magic LV10 • Abyss Magic LV1 • Heretic Magic LV10
Resistance Skills
Destruction Resistance LV2 • Cutting Resistance LV3 • Piercing Resistance LV2 • Impact Resistance LV1 • Black Nullification • Status Condition Resistance LV9 • Fear Nullification • Heresy Nullification • Rot Resistance LV4 • Pain Nullification • Pain Mitigation LV6
Passive Skills
Divine Scales LV10 • Martial Arts Mastery • Hit LV10 • Evasion LV10 • Probability Super-Correction LV10 • Stealth LV10 • Concealment LV10 • Silence LV10 • Odorless LV10 • Heatless LV10 • Emperor • Night Vision LV10 • Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10 • Perception Expansion LV10
Other Skills
Dark Dragon LV10 • Great Demon Lord LV2


  • Riese has revealed that he is one of the many genetic experiments created by Potimas Harrifenas during his, Güliedistodiez, Shiraori and Ariel's meeting to discuss the state of the world and the solution to fix it.
    • Due to Potimas's using his genetics for his experiments, he could technically be considered Ariel's brother. Causing him to fondly call her "Nee-san" as he considers her his older sister.




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