Shun's responsible older brother, the first prince of Analeit, the eldest son of the queen and thus first in line to the throne.[1] His father, Meiges, thought that Analeit would be in good hands were Cylis to become king.[2][3] Shun is unnerved by his seriousness.[4][5]


Due to his impatience with his other siblings gaining in fame, his personally gradually became twisted. Having inherited the ordinary qualities of his father, his reputation was entirely one of being neither good nor bad.[1]


I am…the king. This throne…is mine. I…am the king.

— Cylis, sitting on the throne[6]

Cylis is the much-absent and often-busy heir to the Analeit throne. He is usually helping his father govern Analeit and navigating royal politics. When Shun does see him, it isn't for long. After Julius dies and Shun is given both the title of Hero as well as the right to inherit the throne by his father in order to prevent Shun from going into battle, Cylis is distraught. He had worked incredibly hard to be prepared for the throne, and an unforeseen event stripped him of what he considered his birthright as the primary heir. This causes Cylis plays a large part in the downfall of Analeit, collaborating with Hugo Renxandt to kill his father and frame Shun for it in order to ascend the throne. It doesn't take long for their plans to come to fruition.

When Meiges is killed and Sue frames Shun, Cylis responds immediately, almost as if he was waiting for the moment. He summons knights in order to quickly arrest Shun, but he is unsuccessful thanks to the arrival of Oka and Hyrince. With the assistance of Hugo and the Church, Cylis then manages to become king.[7]

He is later seen in a despicable state when Shun and co. are attempting to rescue Leston. After collaborating with Hugo for an extended period of time, Cylis looks and behaves not unlike a living puppet. He is barely able to function as a human being due to the side-effects of the intense mind control from Hugo's Ruler Skill, Lust.[6]


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