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Conjuring is an individual's ability to manipulate magical power into a tangible form unique to the individual. It is a feature unique to gods such as D, Shiraori, and Güliedistodiez.


As the base of magic, conjuring allows an individual to create truly unique forms of magic. For example, the System itself is entirely a conjuring construct developed by D and managed by Sariel. Shiraori also uses conjuring to create many of her unique abilities.


Conjuring is used by the gods to create their own magic. There are some forms of magic such as the Boundary Field that are known by all gods, but most magic created through conjuring is unique to the individual.

Conjuring invocation stages:[1]

  1. Choice
  2. Activation: Prepare the stage
  3. Catch: Recognize the required construction
  4. Construction: Construct the conjuring circuit (usually the longest step)
  5. Conjunction: Connect to the constructed circuit
  6. Injection: Inject magic power into the circuit
  7. Saturation: Fill the circuit
  8. Change: Modify the construction (optional)
  9. Invocation


Conjuring has inherent restrictions. First and foremost, mortals are unable to use conjuring. The System is an assistance tool that allows mortals to use a restricted form of conjuring in the form of Magic Skills, with specific tiers and spells. Unique cases are those with Ruler Skills due to allowing an individual to interfere the MA Area.[citation needed] Second, a god cannot create magic that they do not inherently have knowledge of, and does not have access to System assistance, so they are unable to use Magic Skills.


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