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This page includes every Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? character and faction that has ever appeared in or been mentioned in the light and web novels. Please note that names and information may change as the Light Novel continues to be translated.


There are several factions in the world of Kumo Desu, each with their own goals and underlying motives. Some characters do not belong to any faction.

Name Nature Race Notes
Kumoko Reincarnation Spider The Protagonist
D God None The Evil God
Meido God None Enforcer
Sariel God Angel Protector

Name Nature Race Notes
Schlain Analeit Reincarnation Human The Hero
Sue Analeit Native Human The Hero's little sister
Anna Native Half-Elf The Hero's Magic attendant
Kleava Native Human The Hero's Martial attendant
Karnatia Anabald Reincarnation Human The Hero's best friend
Feirune Reincarnation Light Wyrm The Hero's Pet
Meiges Native Human King of Analeit
Cylis Analeit Native Human First Prince of Analeit
Leston Analeit Native Human Second Prince of Analeit
Julius Analeit Native Human The previous Hero
Hyrince Native Human Shield-Bearer
Yaana Native Human The previous Saint
Jeskan Native Human Veteran Adventurer
Hawkin Native Human Hero Party Rouge
Goyef Native Human Labyrinth Guide
Hugo Renxandt Reincarnation Human The next Sword-King
Oriza Native Human Academy Professor
Yuri Ullen Reincarnation Human The Saint
Ronandt Native Human The Greatest Human Mage
Aurel Native Human Apprentice #2
Buirimus Native Human Summoner
Basgath Native Human Old Labyrinth Guide
Dustin LXI Native Human The Pope
Tiva Viscow Native Human Renxandt Army Commander
Kunihiko Reincarnation Human Adventurer
Asaka Reincarnation Human Adventurer

Name Nature Race Notes
Ariel Native Origin Taratect Demon Lord
Balto Phthalo Native Demon Demon Lord's Secretary
Agner Ricep Native Demon 1st Demon Army Commander
Sanatoria Native Succubus 2nd Demon Army Commander
Kogou Native Demon 3rd Demon Army Commander
Merazophis Native Human Vampire 4th Demon Army Commander
Darad Native Demon 5th Demon Army Commander
Huey Native Demon 6th Demon Army Commander
Bloe Phthalo Native Demon 7th Demon Army Commander
Wrath Reincarnation Oni 8th Demon Army Commander
Güliedistodiez God Dragon 9th Demon Army Commander
Shiraori God None 10th Demon Army Commander
Sophia Keren Reincarnation Human Vampire Shiraori's Servant
Felmina Native Demon 10th Army Vice-Commander
Wald Native Demon Sophia's attendant
Ael Native Spider Oldest Taratect Sister
Sael Native Spider Shy Taratect Sister
Riel Native Spider Tomboy Taratect Sister
Fiel Native Spider Outgoing Taratect Sister

Name Nature Race Notes
Potimas Native Elf Elf Patriarch
Filimøs Reincarnation Elf Potimas's Daughter

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