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Kumoko looks at the list of skills the Elroe Baraggish has whilst hiding from it. Giving herself a fifty-fifty chance of winning, Kumoko ponders cancelling the scouting mission to find Earth Dragon Araba but upon hearing the sounds of battle, she decides to observe the Baraggish in combat.

Using [Telescopic Sight], Kumoko witnesses a fierce battle between the Baraggish and Araba but it quickly turns in Araba's favour and the Baraggish is slaughtered. Araba finishes the fight with a breath attack which nearly hits Kumoko.

Seeing Araba's power again reminds Kumoko of her past trauma and reminds her how strong the desire to surpass the source of her trauma has become.


Kumoko watched Araba eat until he notices her and she teleports away instantly.

Back home, Kumoko realises Araba is truly a powerful opponent, wielding an real skill rather than just using skills from the system. Smart and powerful, and with no obvious weaknesses Kumoko feels she cannot win a fair fight. So she decides to make it an unfair one and reviews the skill list.

After grinding in the Lower Stratum to level up her skills, Kumoko tries to sleep but the fragments from [Taboo] are keeping her awake. This has her concerned about what else she will discover once all the information has been processed.

Kumoko suddenly jolts awake, detecting a huge swarm of enemies closing in on her home. Realising they have been sent by Mother due to the attack by Kumoko's parallel minds. Inspecting the attackers, Kumoko sees they are lead by an Arch Taratect and consist of three Greater Taratects and a swarm of Small Taratects and Small Lesser Taratects. Kumoko triggers a trap which wipes out most of the smaller enemies but the Greater Taratects and Arch Taratect survive and continue the attack. Kumoko fights defensively waiting the lure them into the next trap.

Quick References

  1. Earth Dragon Araba can use magic to make giant spikes come out of the ground.
  2. Earth Dragon Araba will slaughter his prey mercilessly rather than toying with it.
  3. Seeing Earth Dragon Araba's strength again reinforces Kumoko's desire to surpass him.
  4. Kumoko realises she cannot beat Araba in a fair fight.
  5. Kumoko starts actively grinding skills to fight Earth Dragon Araba.
  6. Mother starts sending Taratects to attack Kumoko.

Chapter Notes

  1. None.

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