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Buirimus is a summoner and part a scouting unit from the Renxandt Imperial Army. Not only does he have great ability as a summoner, he is a skilled leader and a first-class warrior.[1]


Buirimus is a dedicated husband and high-ranking magic summoner in the Empire's army. He puts his family as his first priority, so when he is sent to Mystic Mountains as punishment for disturbing the Nightmare of the Labyrinth, he attempts to do all he can in order to return to his family. As seen from the severe and extreme abuse he inflicted on his captured Goblin in an attempt to complete enslavement, Buirimus was not even above forcing his creatures to do horrible actions to break their minds to accomplish his goal of returning home.

Though dedicated, he tends to throw caution to the wind when attempting to reach his goals, though he remains steadfast in his duties.

After Wrath successfully escape his mental enslavement and began massacring everyone around him, Buirimus seemed to have somewhat regretted his past abuse of him. This is seen during his last moments of life, where he asked the newly evolved Ogre if he hated him and tried to beg for his forgiveness after he was fatally injured by the enraged monster.


Buirimus was tasked with a mission to confirm and subjugate a powerful spider monster that has been sighted in the Great Elroe Labyrinth.[2] Despite being an elite warrior Buirimus failed the mission. The spider monster annihilated the contingent and he barely escaped alive with help from Ronandt.[3]

Forced to take on the responsibility of failure by himself, Buirimus was delegated to the Mystic Mountains. Sometime following her transfer, though, he was received word that his daughter had been kidnapped. In order to return home and start a search, he attempted to achieve a great feat that would somehow make up for his previous failure. Around this time, the imperial patrols took notice that local goblin population had somehow obtained magic weapons were expanding their territory. Fearing they might encroach on imperial lands, Buirimus raided their village of origin. During the raid, he stumbled across cause behind the magic weapons: a goblin with the ability to make them. Knowing this skill would be invaluable to the empire, Buirimus enslaved the creature.

However, Buirimus' subsequent treatment of the goblin was horrible. His first act upon forcefully forming a contract with it was to solidify his control by forcing it to cannibalize its own family. However, no matter what kind of abuse Buirimus put it through, its mind refused to break and instead caused it to acquire the Rage skill. While taken aback by this, he was too focused on using the achievement of taming such a creature to return to his family to notice the warning signs.[4] Ultimately, the gobin's Rage skill finally evolved into Wrath, causing it to break free from Buirimus' control and go on a rampage that resulted in him and his men being slaughtered. In his final moments, realizing the horrible things he did to the creature, he begged it for forgiveness with his last breath, but went unanswered.[5]

The goblin subsequently evolved into an ogre and went on a rampage throughout the empire, until it was driven back into the mystic mountains by a squad led by Ronandt.[6] News of Buirimus' death later reached his wife, who was already distraught at the loss of their child, causing to fall even further into despair.[7] However, the Empire later learned that he inadvertently created the ogre, causing Ronandt to straight up call him an "idiot" for how short-sighted he was.[8]



  • Appraisal Stone [Level 8] a magic stone allowing its user to use Appraisal level 8[9], it was later taken by the goblin who broke free from his control.

Titles & Skills

  • Creature Training: Allows the user to tame monsters.[3] Breaking the heart and will of the monster seems to be a technique in monster taming. Once the monster is tamed, the tamer will have access to the tamed monster's loyalty meter, this meter is from a scale of 0 to 100.
    • Summoning LV4: Allows him to use MP to teleport any of his tamed monsters to his location. How many at once depends on his skill level.[3][10]
  • Appraisal LV3:[3][10] Allows him to view general information about the target, like stats and skills. He obtained the skill from his usage of his level 8 Appraisal stone, but due to only his low level he kept using the stone instead.
  • Cooperation and Command[10]

Tamed monsters

Buirimus's other tamed monsters in the anime

Buirimus's other tamed monsters in the manga

  • Kirekock: A black bird monster that specializes in wind magic.
  • Rock Turtle: Looks like a turtle inside of a rock; it specializes in defense and earth magic.
  • Feveroot: A pink tiger monster that specializes in physical attacks.
  • Suiten: A pufferfish-like water wyrm that specialized in water and poison .[11]
  • Raza-raza: A Hobogoblin he forcefully tamed after destroying its village.
  • Razu-razu: A Goblin he forcefully tamed after destroying its village. Unfortunately, it refused to submit and broke free after unlocking the wrath skill.
  • Various other unnamed monsters





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