Buirimus is a summoner and part a scouting unit from the Renxandt Imperial Army. Not only does he have great ability as a summoner, he is a skilled leader and a first-class warrior.[1]


Buirimus is a dedicated husband and high-ranking magic summoner in the Empire's army. He puts his family as his first priority, so when he is sent to Mystic Mountains as punishment for disturbing the Nightmare of the Labyrinth, he attempts to do all he can in order to return to his family.

Though dedicated, he tends to throw caution to the wind when attempting to reach his goals, though he remains steadfast in his duties.


Buirimus was tasked with a mission to confirm and subjugate a powerful spider monster that has been sighted in the Great Elroe Labyrinth.[2] Despite being an elite warrior Buirimus failed the mission. The spider monster annihilated the contingent and he barely escaped alive with help from Ronandt.[3] Forced to take on the responsibility of failure by himself, he was delegated to the Mystic Mountains. Sometime after arriving at the Mystic Mountains, he was informed by a messenger that his daughter had been kidnapped[4] In order to return to the mainland, he attempted to achieve a great feat that would somehow allow him to return to the Empire. When he raided a village of goblins he found and enslaved a goblin with the interesting ability to create weapons out of mana, as well one of the goblin's powerful kin.[5]

After forcing the goblins he captured into his servitude, the one with a unique ability broke free from his control once it gained the Ruler Skill Wrath. This goblin's mind failed to break and allow Buirimus complete control over it. In truth, Buirimus forced the goblin to kill and eat its own family, and completely subjugated his older brother, forcing the brother to attack other goblin settlements. The constant abuse further increased the goblin's anger until it gained Wrath, and with Ruler Authority, the goblin broke free from Buirimus's enslavement skill.[6] This goblin slaughtered him and every person in the border town before rampaging around the Renxandt Empire. Buirimus's desire to return to his family and search for his daughter caused the birth of the Sword Demon known as Wrath, who killed everything in his path without discrimination.[7] His daughter was never found, but was kidnapped by the elves because she was a reincarnation.[1]


  • Creature Training, a skill that allows the user to tame monsters.[3] Breaking the heart and will of the monster seems to be a technique in monster taming. Once the monster is tamed the tamer will have access to the tamed monster's loyalty meter, this meter is from a scale of 0 to 100.
  • Summoning LV4. An advanced form of Creature Training. At level four, the summoner can use a limited form of Teleport to summon up to four of their tamed monsters to their location, consuming MP.[3][8]
  • Appraisal LV3[3], Cooperation, Command[8]

Tamed monsters

  • Kirekock, a black bird monster with wind attribute.
  • Rock Turtle, looks like a turtle inside of a rock. It is the evolved form of Small Rock Turtle.
  • Feveroot, a pink tiger monster.
  • Suiten, it has an appearance similar to that of a pufferfish. Has poison skills.[9]
  • Razaraza
  • Razraz


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