Hna Homura Hna Homura 3 May


For some reason the "i" didn't save in the username so my full name is Hina Homura means Light,green Blaze

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KaineDaCharizard KaineDaCharizard 2 April

Races, Skills & Titles

Giving up for now, continue from here.

  • All listed are machine translated
  • List may be missing some

Ellow Frog


Gaidou Magic

Bad Food

Blood-Related Eating Rye

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NoGround NoGround 25 March

Lowered Pagecount

Please do not be alarmed! I was cleaning up Category:Canditates for Deletion, which was part of a project to remove Top Tab templates from pages. Due to this, page count has been lowered by 51.

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Tech. TTGames Tech. TTGames 8 March

What are your favourte characters


I've been wondering. What are peoples Favorite characters from this series?

Please comment under this post!

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NoGround NoGround 6 September 2019

Why you should read Kumo Desu

In another world, the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other. The grand magic from the Hero and the Demon King crosses over worlds and explodes in the classroom of a certain high school. The students who died in the explosion are reincarnated in that alternate world.

The protagonist, who has the lowest standing in the class, was reincarnated as spider. This is a story of she who has become a spider doing whatever she can in order to live.

So, as you can garner from the synopsis, this story is another isekai with a funny title. In light novels, there are a lot of isekai, so it is difficult to find titles worth the read, especially when so many are just a concept about some weird self-insert main character in a ridiculous situat…

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NoGround NoGround 16 August 2019

Using Main Page best practices and SEO

Hello, it's been a while! I'm back with another blog post and a fun little thing I've been working on.

Fandom recently started a Wiki Best Practices blog series that is meant to help a wiki gain traffic and help increase community outreach and activity. There is a lot going on in these articles. Each and every link leads to a study of good web development practices, and it is a serious resource that should be used by every wiki admin on Fandom. There are currently only three articles on there, but the one I want to talk about today is FishTank's guide to Main Pages, which I have been making good use of. Before we dive into that article, though, we need to discuss Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

SEO is an all-important statistic for busines…

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NoGround NoGround 27 November 2018

Wow it's been a while

Well things really slowed down here for a time. In the end, wiki editing is just a hobby. Anyway, this is just a quick blog post to keep things up! Volume 4 just released today, and after reading it I'm full of gusto to get back to working on the wiki. You might see some pretty interesting changes inbound!

Many of these changes will include organization. I realize that the plot of a character might get extremely long, so I've decided to move the plot to a separate page, and then further tab them out by volume for each character. Check out Kumoko for the main changes being made to character pages. For some characters, this may end up being unnecessary, but we'll have to see as things go along. In the story itself, there are a lot of differen…

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NoGround NoGround 8 September 2018

Watching Everything Come Together

There comes a point in web design where all of a sudden you notice that what you're working on starts to look good. It kind of frightened me today. I've gotten a lot of work done since the last blog update, and just wanted to show you how much a tiny bit of editing here and there can do.

If you've read my other blog posts, you should know that I have an intense dislike for Category Pages, mainly because they're ugly. They serve a great purpose, though: they're useful for advanced site navigation and organization. Some wikis are much better due to their expansive lists, such as the HTML and CSS Wiki and Templates Wiki, but ones like ours should be more stylized. One thing to note though, is that they need to retain their usability. People br…

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NoGround NoGround 30 August 2018

Taking breaks and Work Ethic

So it's been a few days since I last updated the blog. This is mostly due to having done a minimal amount of work in the past few days. Basically, took the weekend off to hang out IRL and get some stuff done and my inactivity bled into the week. It's also in part due to having little left that I could think of doing. Well, now it's Thursday, and what I have done can be summed up into a couple sentences.

I redesigned the Characters page, worked on System, and formatted the Monsters page table. That's basically it. Oh I also edited some templates. No re-designs there, just some CSS input here and there.

So work's been slow lately. I still think that it is important to take a break so you can come back to a project with a fresh mind-set or obje…

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NoGround NoGround 25 August 2018

Communication and Design

So there where a couple of things I wanted to get done today that I mentioned in yesterday's blog, but I haven't gotten around to them yet. Why, you ask? Well, I needed to communicate with others! There where a couple of things brought up today:

  • Excessively long Reference Lists
  • Excessively long and unorganized Skill Lists on the Stats pages

Both requests happened in the morning, and both requests where handled in the afternoon. Sometimes, though, work takes longer than you might expect. It's always a good idea to think of how long something might take you, and then triple that time before giving an estimate to anyone. Time really isn't a factor here, but it did take me most of the afternoon (even though I took a nap).

So, my list of things to …

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NoGround NoGround 24 August 2018

To Do List filled

So, just to put it in perspective, the Category:To Do list is fully up and operational, and I just finished going through all the pages that were made in the past week that need things worked on, on it. While finishing it I made sure to put the Monster Navigation Bar at the bottom of each Monster.

So there's that. I also went through the old pages that we've been editing here and there and updated their tasks. I also need to go through each one and see what needs proofreading, but there's a lot of pages, so it's probably better to just have someone sort-of dedicated to looking for things to proofread as well as making sure edits have good grammar.

Pretty simple day, had a lot of things to do IRL (like cleaning and sanitizing my keyboard), so…

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NoGround NoGround 23 August 2018

The closer I get to finishing, the more seems to crop up.

  • 1 Where do all these pages come from?!
  • 2 Working without a Navbar
  • 3 Category pages are Ugly
  • 4 To Do list

It seems like every day I do a bunch of tasks, and as I work on them I find more and more that needs to be done. I mean, just yesterday I filled in the To Do list for all the current characters on the wiki (which are all the major ones). It really put into perspective just how much needs to be done. Most of what we've done are some of the major character information and the majority of the monsters stats. Oh man, I haven't even added Monsters to the To Do category either.

Let me tell you, not having a navbar really gets you thinking about how a user might navigate a website. I mean, we have a navbar, it is awful (as of right now), and now we can g…

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NoGround NoGround 20 August 2018

Kumo Desu Spoilers are Tricky

So yesterday we handled the Kumoko and Shiraori pages. They still need some work, but the most egregious problem has been solved, at least we think: spoilers. Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka? seems like a generic monster-isekai at first, but there's a major problem when dealing with plot points: the story completely flips on its head half-way through. Secrets are revealed and the innocence of the game is lost.

On top of that, the tone shifts to one of a dungeon-crawler to that of world-encompassing, including a much larger cast of characters that was only hinted at in the parallel story told from Schlain's perspective. This side of the story, contrary to first impressions, is not an aside. It is a critical perspective of the over-arching story, just to…

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NoGround NoGround 18 August 2018

3 Days into editing the KumoDesu Wiki

So, the Kumo Desu community is growing rapidly with the announcement of the Anime, the PV release, and more. I'm one of those members, participating in both the reddit and wikia communities.

Actually, it was from the Discord that someone had the idea to start editing the fandom wiki, I saw it, and now here I am, 500+ edits later. When I first launched the homepage my initial thought was "this is a wreck." The navbar (still) needs work, the homepage looked ugly and was difficult to read. Things were all over the place... and this was just the start!

I rolled up my sleeves, and with the help of several others on Kumo Desu Discord team, we set to work. This is my first fandom.wikia project, so I was essentially blind at the start, but thankfully …

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