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Bloe Phthalo is the brother of Balto and the Seventh Demon Army commander.[1][2][3] He is a warrior who wields a greatsword; he is also a bit rough around the edges personality and looks-wise.


Bloe has a messy blond hair and a wild look. Unlike his brother, Bloe is described as a ruffian.


Bloe holds himself in a threatening manner, and speaks much the same way.

He respects his brother and has shown some concern about how Balto is being overworked by the Demon Lord.

He has a poorly-hidden crush on Shiro.[4]


Bloe is Balto's younger brother. The two were shown to have a strong elder-younger brother relationship and both care for each other deeply. Bloe in particular is shown to greatly worry for Balto due to his workaholic tendencies and stress from his job as the Demon Lord's secretary and manager of the Demon Territories. Bloe in particular holds strong admiration for his older brother and believes that due to his dedication and leadership skills, Balto should be the Demon Lord instead of Ariel.
Bloe has actively shown to antagonize Ariel and has publicly and vocally stated his disapproval of her as the Demon Lord. Due to Ariel having suddenly appeared out of nowhere and claimed the title and position as the leader of the Demons, Bloe greatly dislikes Ariel and thinks that she is unworthy of being the Demon Lord and his brother Balto is far more worthy due to his commitment to their people. Bloe's dislike and contempt for her would only increases even further due to her pushing the Demons into rapid militarization and war despite their decreasing birth rates and the fact they have yet to recover from the last conflict either. Bloe himself makes his hatred of her known to her face during meetings between the army commanders.
Due to Bloe's simple personality, he was shown to be oblivious to Ariel's power and the more subtle indications of her actions. Bloe himself initially believed that it was possible to overthrow her somehow, as seen where he believed that Julius, the holder of the [Hero] Title, had the possibility of defeating her.
However, upon learning of that Ariel was the Origin Taratect and the leader and "mother" to the Queen Taratects and she in fact surpassed her spawn in terms of power, Bloe lost all feelings and thoughts of rebellion against her and decided to take the same approach of his brother in following her orders but trying to limit the destruction of her actions to save the Demon Race.
Bloe was stated to have instantly fallen for Shiro the moment he saw her face. With it being confirmed by his older brother that she was his first love. After their first meeting, Bloe attempted numerous times to get Shiro's attention, having asked for advice from his older brother on what women would like and gave her numerous gifts. However, due to Shiro's dislike for him due to him having burned her webs during their first meeting and her own denseness, never noticed his feelings for her despite Bloe's inability to properly hide them.


The first time he is introduced he causes a fuss about the newly appointed Demon Lord, and is appropriately put in his place by Ariel.[1][2] Due to being raised while admiring his elder brother from behind, he couldn’t accept Ariel suddenly appearing and becoming inaugurated as the Demon Lord, and strongly opposed the plans presented at the Demon Army Commanders' meeting.[5]

After that, a war is set in motion, and Bloe is the Seventh Army's commander, so he has a lot of work to do. He spends much of his time helping his brother Balto with work by trying to root out dissent.[6]

When the time finally comes to begin the war, Bloe ends up facing down the human Hero, Julius Analeit.[7] Bloe holds his ground until his last breath, believing that he is the only person in his army who could have a chance at defeating the Hero.[8]


Swordsmanship, even though he lost to Julius he did put up a good fight before being ultimately defeated.



Light Novel


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