Asaka is an adventurer and Kunihiko's childhood best friend, both before and after reincarnating.[1]


Kushitani Asaka

Asaka is characterized by her pale complexion, purple hair and eyes.


Asaka is a very dependable person. She appreciates reliable and realistic things, she took on the stopper role against Kunihiko’s idiotic tendencies. Due to living as an adventurer she also has a very mature point of view.[2]


Born in a village on the border between the humans and demons that took bandit-like actions against the Demon. In short, the same village as Kunihiko.

After her village got massacred by Merazophis, she became an adventurer together with Kunihiko and gained fame. While she truly wants to live peacefully and without fighting, she took up arms for Kunihiko’s sake. According to Kunihiko, “If Asaka wasn’t around I wouldn’t be able to survive”. She has been in an inseparable relationship with her childhood friend Kunihiko since her past life.[2]

Shortly before the Renxandt army arrived at the elf village, Kushitani and Tagawa joined up with the reincarnations being protected by the elves.[3]


Lazy Efficiency: Minor increase to all skill proficiency gains, also minor increase to skill success rate.[4]




Light Novel



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