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Arachne is a Taratect subspecies with the upper body of a human and a spider for a lower body; what kind depends on what species it was before evolving. It is a special evolution available exclusively to small-to-medium sized Taratects that are at least level 50 and possess the Pride Skill.

Monster File

A monster with no confirmed sightings in recorded history. As such, there is little to no information about it, and it is shrouded in mystery. It is said that the human part of the monster's body has the appearance of an exceptionally beautiful girl, but this is only a rumor, the truth of which is unknown. Because there are so few witnesses, it is questionable whether this monster even exists at all. The only sightings occurred during periods in which the Nightmare of the Labyrinth or a Nightmare's Vestige were also sighted, so it is thought that witnesses may have simply mistaken them for this creature. Because its very existence is in doubt, it is impossible to measure the danger level of this monster.


Realizing it would be impossible to communicate with humans in her spider body, Kumoko makes her long-term goal to evolve into an Arachne, hoping that having a human torso might make her more appealing.

Powers & Abilities

The abilities of an Arachne appear to depend heavily on what species it was before evolving, the traits of which the spider half inherits. Overall, the evolution does not give any unique skills and merely offers an increase in stats. In fact, they might even lose some skills should they be incompatible with the body structure (Kumoko lost the Swim skill she had as a Zana Horowa).[1] However, in turn, an Arachne does possess some of humanity's unique traits through their human half, like being capable of speech and equipping items. Furthermore, having both a human and spider body gives it a unique field-of-vision and two brains, if one were to be destroyed the other can continue operating just fine.[2]


Volume 5-8: Evolution, Division, Propagation
Arachne LV1 Skill Points: 0 Nameless
HP 38,111
MP 44,024
SP 33,557
Offense : 35,799
Defense : 35,682
Magic : 42,170
Resistance : 42,068
Speed : 41,063
Stat Skills
HP Ultra-Fast Recovery LV8  •  Height of Occultism  •  SP Rapid Recover LV10  •  SP Minimized Consumption LV10  •  Celestial Power  •  Ultimate Life LV10  •  Ultimate Movement LV10  •  Fortune LV10  •  Fortitude LV10  •  Stronghold LV10  •  Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Power Super-Attack LV3  •  Energy Super-Attack LV5  •  Deadly Poison Attack LV10  •  Enhanced Paralysis Attack LV10  •  Rot Attack LV7  •  Heretic Attack LV9
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV7  •  Impact Super-Enhancement LV8  •  Cutting Super-Enhancement LV6  •  Piercing Super-Enhancement LV7  •  Shock Super-Enhancement LV7  •  Status Condition Super-Enhancement LV10
Active Skills
Magic Divinity LV8  •  Magic Power Conferment LV10  •  Magic Conferment LV3  •  Battle Divinity LV10  •  Energy Conferment LV10  •  Ability Conferment LV7  •  Divine Dragon Power LV8  •  Dragon Barrier LV6  •  Poison Synthesis LV10  •  Medicine Synthesis LV10  •  Expel LV10  •  Divine Thread Weaving  •  Thread Control LV10  •  Psychokinesis LV9  •  Dimensional Maneuvering LV10  •  Iron Defense LV7  •  Panoptic Vision LV4
Leadership Skills
Kin Control LV10
Perception Skills
Concentration LV10  •  Thought Super-Acceleration LV6  •  Future Sight LV 6  •  Parallel Minds LV10  •  High-Speed Processing LV10
Magic Skills
Heretic Magic LV10  •  Wind Magic LV10  •  Gale Magic LV8  •  Earth Magic LV10  •  Terrain Magic LV10  •  Seismic Magic LV1  •  Light Magic LV8  •  Holy Light Magic LV3  •  Shadow Magic LV10  •  Dark Magic LV10  •  Black Magic LV10  •  Poison Magic LV10  •  Healing Magic LV10  •  Miracle Magic LV10  •  Spatial Magic LV10  •  Dimensional Magic LV9  •  Abyss Magic LV10  •  Jinx Evil Eye LV9  •  Inert Evil Eye LV8  •  Sealing Evil Eye LV3  •  Antimagic Evil Eye LV2  •  Repellent Evil Eye LV7  •  Warped Evil Eye LV4  •  Annihilating Evil Eye LV6
Resistance Skills
Destruction Super-Resistance LV6  •  Impact Nullification  •  Cutting Super-Resistance LV6  •  Piercing Super-Resistance LV6  •  Shock Super-Resistance LV6  •  Flame Resistance LV9  •  Flood Resistance LV3  •  Gale Resistance LV8  •  Terrain Resistance LV9  •  Bolt Resistance LV3  •  Holy Light Resistance LV6  •  Black Resistance LV9  •  Heavy Super-Resistance LV8  •  Status Condition Nullification  •  Acid Super-Resistance LV8  •  Rot Super-Resistance LV6  •  Faint Super-Resistance LV1  •  Fear Super-Resistance LV4
Passive Skills
Shieldsmanship LV3  •  Thread Genius LV10  •  Hit LV10  •  Evasion LV10  •  Probability Super-Correction LV10  •  Throw LV10  •  Emperor  •  Concealment LV2  •  Stealth LV10  •  Silence LV10  •  Odorless LV8  •  Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10  •  Perception Expansion LV8  •  Immortality
Other Skills
Egg-Laying LV10  •  Hades  •  Corruption  •  Conviction  •  Offer  •  Hero LV2  •  Great Demon Lord LV1  •  Charity  •  Perseverance  •  Pride  •  Rage LV3  •  Usurp LV4  •  Satiation LV10  •  Sloth  •  Wisdom  •  Divinity Expansion LV9  •  Taboo  •  n% I = W
Foul Feeder  •  Kin Eater  •  Assassin  •  Monster Slayer  •  Poison Technique User  •  Thread User  •  Merciless  •  Monster Slaughterer  •  Ruler of Pride  •  Ruler of Perseverance  •  Ruler of Wisdom  •  Wyrm Slayer  •  Fearbringer  •  Dragon Slayer  •  Ruler of Sloth  •  Monster Calamity  •  Champion  •  Human Slayer  •  Human Slaughterer  •  Rescuer  •  Medicinal Technique User  •  Saint  •  Savior  •  Ruler of Charity  •  Guardian  •  Human Calamity


  • The species' name is a reference to Arachne from Greek mythology. Arachne was once a talented mortal weaver who proudly claimed to be a better artist than Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts. They both challenged one another to a weaving competition, where Athena created a tapestry about the glory of the gods, while Arachne created one about the gods abusing their power and misleading mortals. Although both tapestries were exquisite, Athena was so enraged by Arachne's pride and her disrespect of the gods that she ripped the mortal's work to shreds and started beating her mercilessly. Consumed by shame, Arachne hanged herself, but Athena, out of pity, reincarnated the mortal as the world's first spider.


Light Novel


  1. Volume 5-8: Evolution, Division, Propagation
  2. Volume 5-9: Worst Elf Ever!
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