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Anna ( アナ) is a half-elf attendant who has served the royal family for successive generations of kings. She is like a foster parent of Schlain and Sue, and she serves as a maid and guard for them alongside her colleague Kleava. As a first-class magic-user, she is an attendant who will fight to protect royalty in time of need.[1]


Anna appearance is identical to the elf with long blonde hair and green eyes, instead of blue. she usually wears a green and white maid uniform a red band and chocker.


Anna had a completely loyal personality towards the royalty of the Analeit Kingdom, as she's an overprotective with Shun when he was a child but agreed to teach him magic.

Has a trauma associated with the elf village [2] for their discrimination towards half-elves that resulted in her fleeing to live in the Analeit continent. She would later become an attendant for the royal family for generations.





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