Agner Ricep is one of the demon commanders. He is the leader of the Demon Lord's First Demon Army.[1][2][3]


Agner has a strong and serious appearance fitting to that of a commander.


Agner is a serious person, he gets the job done as inserting any unnecessities. He has a simple and sturdy temper.


A veteran demon who has served two generations of Demon Lords before serving the current one. He put in strenuous efforts to save the demons, though in a different way to Balto. He died during during his army's attack on Fort Kusorion when a Queen Taratect was summoned, which crushed demons and humans alike.[4] After sifting through his belongings, Balto found evidence that he had betrayed the Demon Lord and was working with the elves.[5]


He has the capabilities comparable to that of previous Demon Lords, yet for some reason never became one.[1][2]


Light Novel


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