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Agner Ricep is one of the demon commanders. He is the leader of the Demon Lord's First Demon Army.[1][2][3]


Agner has a strong and serious appearance fitting to that of a commander.


Agner is a serious person, he gets the job done as inserting any unnecessities. He has a simple and sturdy temper.


A veteran demon who has served two generations of Demon Lords before serving the current one. He put in strenuous efforts to save the demons, though in a different way to Balto. He died during during his army's attack on Fort Kusorion when a Queen Taratect was summoned, which crushed demons and humans alike.[4] After sifting through his belongings, Balto found evidence that he had betrayed the Demon Lord and was working with the elves.[5]


He has the capabilities comparable to that of previous Demon Lords, yet for some reason never became one.[1][2]

As seen from his fight against the Hero Party without Julius, Agner is immensely powerful. As seen where he was able to keep them largely on the defensive and slowly overpower them. Yaana herself noted that Agner himself was not truly fighting them seriously and considered them a warm up for his fight against Julius. Realizing that he was fully capable of defeating them using half his power and conserve enough strength to fight Julius.


Light Novel


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