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This arc covers Shun and co.'s early years in their new world.

Shunsuke was an average high school boy, was playing an MMORPG with his two friends, Kyouya and Kanata. During class, he forogt his stationary and asked Yuri for stationary, with the agreement that he will give her candy. After viewing the mischievious acts of Mirei Shinohara and Kengo Natsume, a mysterious rift suddenly opened up in the middle of the classroom. He died due to a mysterious explosion in his classroom along with everyone in it.[1] Schlain was reincarnated as a prince named Schlain in the Kingdom of Analeit, his mother is the king's third princess consort who died shortly after his birth. He grows up respecting his older brother, Julius, and adoring his half-sister, Suelecia.[2]

Schlain enters the appraisal ceremony, along with Suelecia, after practicing the procedure numerous times. He gets appraised and the nobles in the appraisal ceremony was astonished by his appraisal due to his Skill Points and Skills. After the appraisal ceremony, he went to a small reception meeting various children of the nobility until he encounters Karnati Seli Anabald. After realizing that they both speak Japanese, Schlain drags her to a small private room to have talks with one another. It is eventually revealed in the talk that Karnatia Seli Anabald was Ooshima Kanata, his best friend. They both had more discussions until it was interrupted by Sue who came busting in.[3]

Schlain receives an egg as a commemoration gift of his and Suelecia's appraisal ceremony. An earth dragon is hatched from the egg and Schlain names the earth dragon, Feirune or Fei for short.[4]

At one time, Schlain joins Karnatia, along with Feirune in reading the Skill Encylopedia that the Duke owned. They discuss about the skills and how to min-max stats using the skills. It is also revealed that all skills are combat-oriented.[5]Sometime after this event, him and Feirune were alone at one time and Schlain decides to head to the sporting grounds for training with Feirune. It is there that it is revealed that Feirune was Mirei Shinohara when Feirune suddenly talked to Schlain. It was found out that during their dialogue, Feirune gained telepathy via viewing the Skill Encylopedia.[6]

The next scene shows Schlain training with Feirune and Karnatia and it is eventually shown in their dialogues that Karnatia picked up Appraisal when she was a baby. This motivates Schlain to pick up Appraisal as well via Skill Points.[7]

During one of the training sessions with Schlain and Sue, Sue fights Klevea but is ultimately defeated. Julius suddenly appears and Schlain decides to spar with him. After being utterly defeated, with Julius only holding one hand on a sword, Schlain is determined to continue to train and try to reach his brothers' heights.[8]

Later, another reincarnator joins them, Filimøs Harrifenas (Ms. Kanami Okazaki) their former teacher who says that she's being searching for all the students and proposes for Schlain, Karnatia and Feirune to go to the academy with her to meet other students. They all all agree to attend the academy.[9]


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At the academy Shun and company meets with Hugo Baint von Renxandt (Natsume Kengo) and Yuri Ullen (Hasebe Yuika), the next sword emperor of the Renxandt Empire and one of the candidate for the next Saint respectively.[1] Later Hugo, who had developed envy towards Shun for standing out more than him,[2] tried to assassinate Shun during an expedition to a mountain close to the academy. Hugo's plan fails due to the intervention of Ms. Oka.[3]

After some time without incidents Shun hear the Divine Voice announcing that he's the new Hero and the death of the former Hero Julius.[4]


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